• 1250 DR [Year of the Riven Skull]
  • A plot to enslave nearby Waterdeep is derailed when a surprise attack by githyanki (secretly engineered by the illithilich Aulagol) leads to the mortal injury of the elder brain of Ch'Chitl. Though the elder brain does not perish immediately, its demise was certain, which would lead to the end of Ch'Chitl. In desperation, the ulitharid Thalynsar formulates a plan to preserve the powers and memories of the elder brain through undeath. Thalynsar transformes itself and several other illithids into illithiliches, and together these new elders devour the elder brain. As the most powerful of the resulting Concord of Elders, Thalynsar attempts to keep the majority of the elder brain's lore within itself, but the great amount of knowledge slowly drives Thalynsar insane.

    Some accounts list this event in the year 1362 DR. »