• 629 DR [Year of the Empty Hearth]
  • Luthax, senior among the Brotherhood of the Wizards of War, leads a conspiracy with Elmariel Emmarask to assassinate King Draxius Obarskyr of Cormyr. Elmariel had brought back a magical beast from the ruins of Netheril and aimed to release the beast to kill king Draxius. Amedahast's apprentice and nephew, Thanderahast warns the King in time and Amedahast sacrifices herself by detonating her magical staff, to bring down the traitors. Thanderahast assumes the role of High Mage. »

  • 900 DR [Year of the Thirsty Sword]
  • The Battle with the Witch Lords
    King Galaghard III of Cormyr battles the forces of the Witch Lords of the Wyvernwater and their undead armies in Wheloon, Juniril, and at Manticore's Crossing. The final battle between the two forces occurred at the Vast Swamp. As the battle begins, the Witch Lords unleash bat-mounted units who use lightning-based attacks to pick off some of the Marsembian troops. Thanderahast spots his old enemy Luthax in the air and uses magic to engage him. The fight swings towards the Witch Lords as a large troll is bearing down on Galaghard III when a young Bleth sacrifices himself to give the king more time. At this point, the orcs and goblins are driving the humans back on one flank in a move to encircle them.

    The Cormyrean troops are finally granted victory as the venerable elf lord Othorion Keove and his elves enter the battle and break the orc and goblin advance, slaying their ogre leaders and routing them. This is the turning point of the battle and the zombies are quickly defeated by the elves and the surviving humans. The rest of the Witch Lords army quickly retreat into the swamp, and the battle is won. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • Cormyr suffers greatly from dragon attacks throughout the kingdom. Arabel, Dhedluk, Eveningstar, and a score of other settlements go up in flames. Suzail itself is set upon by three red dragons and the Purple Dragon himself, Thauglorimorgorus. High Mage Thanderahast is grievously wounded in an aerial battle against Thauglor. Brought to the ground in the King's Forest, the dragon is finally slain by Crown Prince Azoun II (using the sword Orbyn) and the Mage Royal's apprentice Jorunhast. »