• -400 DR [Year of Gilded Sky]
  • The ancient black dragon Thauglorimorgorus the Black Doom, King of the Forest Country, notes the arrival of elves in his lands. »

  • -205 DR [Year of Good Hunting]
  • The Passing of Power
    The Lord of Scepters, Iliphar Nelnueve of House Amaratharr and a small group of elves mets with the balck dragon Thauglorimorgorus (Thauglor) and his seconds the blue dragon Gloriankithsanus and the red dragon Mistinarperadnacles Hai Draco (Mist) to settle their differences. Iliphar challenges Thauglor to a Feint of Honor and defeats the dragon, granting the elves claim to the realm of Cormanthyr. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • Cormyr suffers greatly from dragon attacks throughout the kingdom. Arabel, Dhedluk, Eveningstar, and a score of other settlements go up in flames. Suzail itself is set upon by three red dragons and the Purple Dragon himself, Thauglorimorgorus. High Mage Thanderahast is grievously wounded in an aerial battle against Thauglor. Brought to the ground in the King's Forest, the dragon is finally slain by Crown Prince Azoun II (using the sword Orbyn) and the Mage Royal's apprentice Jorunhast. »