• 1344 DR [Year of Moonfall]
  • Samas Kul arranges the concession of a small Thayan Quarter in the city of Procampur, creating the first of the Thayan enclaves. »

  • 1351 DR [Year of the Crown]
  • The Red Wizards obtain a concession in Telflamm. This grows into the largest of the Thayan enclaves, as it is a distribution center for Thayan goods throughout much of northern Faerun. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Thay places enclaves in Cimbar, Phsant, Proskur, and Tsurlagol. The zulkirs ramp up the production of magic items for export.
    The enclave at Phsant is an instant hit all along the Golden Way. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Thay sets up enclaves in Westgate and Selgaunt. »