• -30000 DR
  • The empires of Merrouroboros, circa -29,500 DR

    In the south, the first human civilizations are devastated by the dreadful Tarrasque, which pushes southward from the Black Sea. The Lopango, Eshowe, Thinguth, and Tabaxi tribes are conquered, their culture subsumed by the newly formed empire of Katashaka. Only the humans of northern Maztica, under the protection of the feathered serpent Qotal, escapes enslavement. »

  • -2809 DR
  • The Eshowe, the Tabaxi, and the Thinguth tribes, as well as several others that accepted Ubtao's message, follow the couatls in a great pilgramage across the seas of the Jungles of Chult. The tribes land on the Wild Coast and march inland to the Peaks of the Flame, where the avatar of Ubtao welcomes them. »

  • The central jungles of the Sanrach and Thindol Basins are settled by the Thingulth tribe. »

  • -1732 DR
  • After centuries of intermittent clashes with the ruling yuan-ti, the Lapal tribes flee north and east. They settle on the southern shores of the Shining Sea and in the lands that would one day become Halruaa.

    After the Lapal tribes escape their yuan-ti masters, the serpentfolk import large numbers of lizardfolk from the Great Swamp of Rethgild. Upon reaching the shores of the Lapal Sea, many of these lizardfolk either escaped or were released into the territory claimed by the Thinguth humans. »

  • -289 DR [Year of Shattered Havens]
  • The Thinguth are enslaved by the yuan-ti of the Sseradess and Sauringar tribes and dispersed across all of greater Thindol, which at this time includes lands now claimed by Samarach. »

  • 293 DR [Year of Hounds]
  • The Thinguth are liberated when soldiers of the Shoon Empire defeat the lizardfolk tribes. »