• 450 DR [Year of the Corrie Fist]
  • Iryklathagra goes to pick over the bones of the Shoon Imperium on the fourth day of the Shoonarch Conflagration, the great fire set by Tethyr's army.

    After a brief talk with King Strohm, the great wyrm blue dragon destroys and plunders buildings among the Imperial Mount above city proper and claims much hidden magic for her own, including Ghazir the Desert's Edge, which had been fabricated with magical lore gleaned from the long dead silver dragon, Rhimnasarl's research.

    Many of the treasures Iryklathagra seized were once part of Rimnasarl's hoard or had been derived from the lore seized from the great silver dragon by Q ysar Shoon IV. (Janhyra's Tome, also known as the Tome of Secrets, was one of the few artifacts that lay within the vaults of Shoonach not to fall into her claws, and she spends much time trying to track them down). Sharpfangs keeps to his word and never uses Tethyr as a hunting ground. »