• 1167 DR [Year of the Parchment Heretical]
  • The Leaves of Green does not reappear until now. The Gray Druid of the Ash Circle tries to sweep away all walls and buildings (with the folk dwelling in them) in what is now Amn, raising an army of treants and forest beasts to accomplish the task. The druid is defeated early in his campaign of destruction by the Wild Helms adventuring company from Waterdeep. They cut the book from the old madman's dying hands and hurl it away. It stops in mid-air the moment it left the gauntlet of the young Waterdavians hands who threw it, and drinks the fireball that his fearful brother mage cast upon it. Convinced that it was an item of great power, the Wild Helms gingerly close a strong-chest around it and carry it back to Waterdeep for examination.

    There it is seized by the priest Angluth Eriduth, Watcher of the Seatress Shrine. Angluth declared the tome to be a holy item of the god Silvanus, but his taking of the book is not readily accepted by at least two of the noble families whose sons had brought it to the city. There is a nasty confrontation, but Angluth survives by using the spells of the Leaves of Green.

    This does not stop A Waterdavian thief from stealing the tome almost immediately. The artifact is sold in Calimport to Torast Haeluth, a wealthy collector of magical curios.

    An unknown mage opens a gate into Torast's bedchamber and steals the Leaves of Green along with many other magical items, and slays Torast. »