• -256 DR [Year of Able Warriors]
  • Satama, a Durpari trader, begins preaching the Adama, a belief system still dominant in the Shining South to this day. The Adama, or "the One", is the embodiment of the spirits found in all things, from the rocks and plants to animals and even gods; all creatures and objects on Toril are considered manifestations of the Adama. Following the Adama does not preclude worshiping the gods, but encourages fair and just dealings to "honor the Adama". Belief in the Adama promotes the tenets of the faiths of Zionil (Gond), Curna (Oghma), Lucha (Selune), Torm, and Waukeen. »

  • The Triad Crusade / Fiend Wars
  • 729 DR to 731 DR
    An army dedicatd to Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater led by the paladin Sarshel Elethlim travels by sea to ravaged Impiltur and begins the Fiend Wars against the Scaled Horde. »

  • 732 DR [Year of the Proud Father]
  • Sarshel Elethlim is crowned the first paladin-king of Impiltur with the newly reformed and consecreated Crown of Narfell. He establishes the Elethlim Dynasty of that realm.

    King Sarshel establishes the Order of the Triad (a paladin order dedicated to Tyr, Ilmater, and Torm) as a home for those who had survived the Fiend Wars. »

  • 1158 DR [Year of the Blood Tusk Charge]
  • The first mention of the Veloghon of Vigilance (an artifact of Torm in the form of a shield) in the writings of Thontoros the Learned, Sage of the Just Gods (who studied the clergy and deeds of other followers of Helm, Ilmater, Torm, and Tyr). Writing of the defense of the vanished citadel of Lothtia on the Shining Plains by the Paladins of the Hand (the Twelve Champions of Torm). Thontoros tells that the paladin Harondath bore the shield, and "bathed it in the blood of the orcs of Thoktor Ironfangs". »

  • 1212 DR [Year of Ocean's Wrath]
  • Galthont "the Inspirer", a young but capable swordsman, begins touring the Moonsea North, working as a caravan guard and personal bodyguard. Wherever he went, Galthont kept an eye out for warriors who exhibited noble loyalty and diligent obedience and inspired them to the worship of Torm. Many worldly paladins credit the Inspirer with their start in Torm's faith. »

  • 1216 DR [Year of Green Wings]
  • While guarding a caravan, Galthont "the Inspirer" fights off an attack from the Lashing Tail, an army of brigands under the leadership of the half-orc Oegont and the evil human mage Mastertas of Melvaunt. Galthont follows the brigands and challenges them to single combat. After single-handedly defeating over half of the 80 or so men, the Tails attack en-mass and hunt him. Galthont slips pass them and pillages a fort that was in Tail's hands. He lays many traps, and when the Tails returned, Galthont raises chaos among the traps. In the ensuing fire, Galthont battles Oegont, Mastertas and his apprentice, and slips away with the Veloghon of Vigilance (an artifact of Torm in the shape of a shield). The fate of the Tail leaders is unknown. »

  • 1312 DR [Year of the Griffon]
  • The Helm of Helm is offered for sale in Westgate. A Helmite priest tried to buy it and is refused by the Chessentan merchant whose shop held it. The priest returns with twice the asking price - only to be slaughtered by the Lawless, a sect of Shar, who had obviously set the shop up as a lure for clergy they opposed. (They killed a priest of Torm a day later, and sorely wounded several clergy of Ilmater).

    Clergy of several faiths hurried meet and hire an adventuring band, the South Shore Serpents, to hunt down the Lawless. It soon becomes clear, as the city erupts into battle, that someone high in authority was shielding or backing the Lawless, and the Helm had become just one more piece in the ongoing struggle for rule of Westgate. The Serpents fell one by one, taking the Lawless with them, but thieving bands and street mercenaries entered the fray, and the strife continued.

    A young Helmite priest, Carath of Selgaunt, hires the Wild Blade Adventurers of Teziir to slay the Chessentan and bring back all the contents of his shop they could salvage. The Blades are led by two sisters whose magecraft was growing speedily, and they use spells to summon monster after monster. They then loot the ruins only to find themselves under attack by agents of Thay, who had been waiting for a good chance to seize the Helm.

    In the struggle that follows, the senior Thayan mage is forced to flee, and the Blades reduced to one warrior and one of the sisters, Tayana, who is trapped in a curse laid by her Red Wizard opposite that forces her to shape change into a giant hissing serpent several times each day. Fearing she would be slain by fearful citizens, she flees into the wilderlands with the Helm and with her surviving companion, who soon dies of her wounds. Embittered, Tayana hides in the Giant's Run Mountains. »

  • 1336 DR [Year of the Highmantle]
  • King Rilimbrar Heltharn has his daughter, Princess Sambryl, wed her second cousin Imphras IV, though the marriage is never consummated. Imphras IV, although still considered a traitor and confined to the royal tower at Filur, becomes Crown Prince. Rilimbrar does this to get his daughter on the throne (since Impilturian law forbids a Princess to take the throne if there is a living male heir).

    King Rilimbrar then appoints the twelve living male heirs of the fourth and sixth sons of Imphras II as a ruling council, effective upon his death and revocable only after Sambryl was no longer queen, and invests the Lords of Imphras II with the collective authority to oversee the realm in the name of the crown. The aging king then decrees that the Lords could select replacements from the citizenry of Impiltur with the approval of the monarch.

    King Rilimbrar also reconstitutes the Most Holy Order of the Sacred Shrike to serve as the elite army of the Council of Lords. Rilimbrar selects three of the Lords to serve as the ruling Triumvirate of the order, one each from the three churches of the Triad (Tyr, Ilmater, and Torm). »

  • 1343 DR [Year o the Boot]
  • The Bhaalspawn Abdel Adrian is born.

    Abdel is rescued from a group of deathstalkers by the Hands of Loyal Fury. The order of paladins knew of his lineage and wished him destroyed, but their leader, Sir Daesric the Pious, could not bring himself to allow the killing of an infant. He calls upon his fiend Gorion to raise the child as a monk of Torm and through reluctance, Gorion agrees. Abdel is taken to Gorion's home in the library fortress of Candelkeep, where he is raised as Gorion's own son, unaware of his heritage and nature as a mortal child of Bhaal. The Hands keep watch over Abdel to make sure he showed no signs of evil but when Bhaal is killed during the Time of Troubles, they give up the effort.

    Other orphans are also raised there, including another Bhaalspawn called Imoen, who becomes his friend in spite of his often unfriendly and even cruel treatment of her. »

  • 1344 DR [Year of Moonfall]
  • The Company of the Crow (who had had success exploring the ruins of Turmish) is destroyed by baatezu summoned by a sorcerous foe. The Company of the Crow included their leader, Alvast Undren of Amaratas (a half-elf warrior of note) and the priest of Torm, Amaratas Dunthaun, the possessor of the Veloghon of Vigilance. The fate of the leader and the Shield of Torm is unknown. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Eleasis 13 Bane and Torm destory each other near Tantrass. Torm absorbs the life force of many of his followers in Tantrass to provide more divine power so that he may match Bane's power. These faithful of Torm are considered martyrs for their sacrifice. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Marpenoth A plague known as featherlung strikes Procampur. Hundreds die in the poor district and other districts are blamed for its spread due to their slow reaction. It was spread further when the afflicted travelled to the temples of Helm and Torm to be cured, so a cleric of Lliira, Baniya Dolester, and a cleric of Tymora, Orn Thavil, ventured into the poor district to set up a shrine. Those two are reprimanded by the Thultryl for their actions, despite the fact that they obviously prevented the plague from spreading further.

    A mob forms, accusing a sailor from Prespur (a pirate) of being a priestess of Talona because of her tattoos. The pirate is lynched. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Cyric had sought the soul of Kelemvor Lyonsbane, but was unable to find him. Cyric releases Kezef the Chaos Hound from Pandemonium, and commands it to trace Kelemvor's soul. Kezef ended up being trapped again by Mask.

    Kelemvor's soul was trapped in Cyric's sentient sword, Godsbane, actually an aspect of Mask, who planned to steal the portfolio of lies. Mask used Kelemvor's soul to gain the cooperation of Mystra, all the while planning a revolt in the City of Death against Cyric. With the help of Mystra, Torm, Oghma, and Cyric's own high priest Fzoul Chembryl (whose loyalty lay with the dead Bane), great chaos was caused in two of Cyric's most important bases of faith: Zhentil Keep, and the City of Death. A great number of Cyric's follower lost their faith, thus weakening Cyric. In addition, Cyric's nightmare was freed from Dendar the Night Serpent, and the dream found Cyric, causing him to think that Kelemvor had somehow returned to life and to seek revenge. At that moment, Cyric lost his mind, crushed his sword, which freed Kelemvor, and made his nightmare come true. The two fought and Cyric's fear, indecision, and madness caused his defeat, and Kelemvor overthrows Cyric's rule in the City of the Dead. By the wish of all dead spirits and Denizens in the Gray Wastes (some say by Ao's will also), Kelemvor became the new God of Death. Mask also emerged from the sword. Begging for forgiveness as Cyric attempted to salvage what he could of the situation, Mask followed his new master out of the castle. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Tarsakh Skullport is plagued by a mysterious predator the likes of which its residents have never seen before. Delvers in Undermountain have reported have reported seeing a reddish mist prowling the chambers and corridors nearest Skullport. The most recent sighting occurred in the first ride of this month and was reported by Alastard Boarshund (male human Paladin of Torm) while he and his adventuring party were exploring north of the Port of Shadow. He and his wife, Shaella the Dove (female human Paladin of Sune), were resting from a recent encounter with a dracolisk. Three of the party members ha been left petrified by the dracolisk's gaze, and the party's thief, Qarwill the Stoat (male shield dwarf) had disappeared into a concealed pit. As the paladins rested against the wall of the chamber, a red mist drifted noiselessly over Shaella's dozing form. She awoke screaming, startling her fatigued mate. He watched helplessly as she was consumed entirely. When the mist lifted, naught remained behind to mark her passing save her polished skull. It rose up, turned toward the terrified paladin, and said: "Farewell my love, a greater destiny now guides me. I beg you not to pursue this." Since this unfortunate event, the fallen paladin has frequented every tavern in Skullport, squandering his remaining wealth on alcohol and lamenting the loss of his beloved. »

  • 1384 DR [Year of Three Streams Blooded]
  • Gedrin Thalavar (sometimes called Shadowbane), a young rogue living in Westgate, has a vision in which Helm is slain by Tyr and Helm's godhood merged with Tyr, restoring his sight. When Gedrin awoke from his vision, he held Helm's sword, Vindicator. Later, Gedrin has a second vision in which Tyr is slain by the demon lord Orcus and Tyr's godhood merges with Torm. After these visions, Gedrin becomes a religious zealot and formulates the Heresy of the Threefold God and forms the Eye of Justice, and begins recruiting crusaders from among the Night Masks. The church is instrumental in driving out the Night Masks from Westgate.

    Later, the church becomes corrupted and Gedrin leaves Westgate in disgust. He travels to the Sword Coast where sometime in the 1460's DR, he meets a child rogue named Kalen Dren begging on the streets of Luskan. He gives Vindicator to Kelan and recruits him into the church. Kalen would become the church's primary crusader. »

  • 1385 DR [Year of Blue Fire]
  • Tyr abdicates his godhood and grants Torm all his deific power. Tyr counsels all of his followers to offer their allegiance to Torm. Torm then becomes a greater god and master of Celestia following the death of Tyr in a demonic invasion of Celestia. Bahamut gains the porfolio of justice and now serves Torm. »

  • 1459 DR [Year of the Forged Sigil]
  • The High Observer of Torm ordered the Reaching Woods barricated, in an attempt to contain the goblin and gnoll tribes living there. »

  • 1476 DR [Year of the Fifth Circle]
  • All the paladins manning Fort Morninglord, west of Elturel, disappears one night in mysterious circumstances that leaves every stone of the keep blackened and every window and door fused. Later, the High Observer of Torm forbids entrance to the keep. »

  • Kalen Dren, the spellscarred follower of the Threefold God known as the heir to Gedrin "Shadowbane" Thalavar, is betrayed by the leadership of the Eye of Justice, an organization once dedicated to the same faith. With the aid of Levia Shadewalker, he fakes his own death and escapes. »

  • 1477 DR [Year of the Purloined Statue]
  • The young Cormyran noble Aubrin Crownsilver flees a Tormite monastery for the Sword Coast.
    Constancia is charged with dereliction of duty by the Tormites.
    Constancia follows Aubrin to the Sword Coast, but the Tormites place a bounty on her. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • The dragonborn paladin of Bahamut, Patrin, refuses to turn over her lover Nala, who turns out to be a priestess of Tiamat to Medrash, a paladin of Torm. Medrash and Patrin duel and Patrin is slain. »