• -24000 DR
  • The Sundering

    Faerun, circa -24,000 DR

    Hundreds of High Mages assemble in the heartland of Faerun at the tower of the Gathering Place to create the new elven home of Evermeet. Ignoring the lesson learned from the destruction of Tintageer centuries earlier, they cast a spell of elven High Magic designed to create a glorious elf homeland. On the Day of Birthing, the magic reaches its apex as the spell extends both back and forward in the mists of time. Merrourboros, the one land, is sundered apart by the unbridled force of the Sundering. As a result, hundreds of cities are washed away, thousands of elves lie dead, and the face of Toril is changed forever. The name Faerun, no longer the One Land, is given to the largest continent. Surrounded by vast expanses of water, the island of Evermeet, thought to be a piece of Arvandor and a bridge between worlds breaks the surface of the Tracklass Sea. Blessed by the goddess Angharradh, verdant forests and wildlife soon flourish across the island. Corellon Larethian wards Evermeet against Lolth, Malar, and the other powers of the anti-Seldarine and entrusts a unique seed to the Fair Folk of the isle. The seed soon sprouts, growing into a miniature tree known as the Tree of Souls. Over time, the souls of ancient elves who choose to stay on Toril, rather than pass on to Arvandor, merge into the Tree of Souls, slowly augmenting its power. Prophecies reveal that the Tree of Souls will someday be planted on Faerun when the Fair Folk finally return to the mainland after a period of exile on the Green Isle.

    This event is noted as occurring in -17600 DR by some documents. »

  • In the wake of the Sundering, many humans of Azuposi descent find themselves on mainland Faerun or scattered on newly created islands of the Trackless Sea. By -3000 DR these humans would become known as the Illuskan people.

    Other human tribes also find themeslves abandoned on mainland Faerun cut off from their homeland on Katashaka. Concentrated primarily in the south along the shores of the Great Sea, these tribes are knwon as the Tashalan, Lapal, Shaaran, and the Durpari. »

  • -677 DR [Year of Fervent Glances]
  • Drow from the city of Karsoluthiyl (located beneath the Trackless Sea, west of the mouth of the River Chionthar) begin their first incursions against the dwarves of Melairbode. »

  • 418 DR [Year of the Eagle's Flight]
  • The first aarakocra colonists arrive in northern Faerun, after generations of migrating from island to island across the Trackless Sea from distant Maztica and resettle ancestral six aeries in the Star Mounts. »

  • 987 DR [Year of the Flaming Dwarf]
  • Rockfire
    Deep within the tunnels under the Trackless Sea, an expedition of dwarf miners is ambushed by drow. During the ensuing conflict a deep core fissure erupts, vomiting a deadly river of magma into the gallery. Both sides take substantual casualties with only a handful of survivors. Separated from mainland Faerun and each believing their enemy destroyed, the drow and dwarf exiles undertake an epic journey through the Underdark to the west. When they finally emerge onto the surface, the dewarves find themselves amid the harshest desert imaginable, the Sands of Itzcala in Maztica. The drow emerge farther south, within the foothills of the Axapoztlan Range. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • The Summer Storm Wars claims many sahuagin lives of the Alamber as well as over thirty ships and 2,000 people of Mulhorand as the god-kings' forces clash with the sea devils. The visitations of Sekolah, Anhur, and other lesser water powers cause much disruption in Seros. The mythal barrier around Myth Nantar crackles and surges but holds against attempts to break the barrier.

    Umberlee ravages the Pirate Isles of the Inner Sea with hurricanes and storms, destroying more than two-thirds of the pirates' fleet (causing many pirates to stop worshipping her). Appearing also in the Trackless Sea, the Bitch Queen adopts the kraken Slarkrethel as her seraph (Chosen). »

  • Kythorn The Lord's Alliance of Waterdeep expels Luskan's forces from Ruathym by applying combined diplomatic and military pressure. Luskan and the allied island realms of the Trackless Sea join to form the Captain's Confederation. »