• -3770 DR
  • The dwarf realm of Oghrann falls. Beset on all sides by enemies - lizardfolk, nomadic human tribes, wemics, and the usual bugbears, trolls, and goblinkin races - the realm was swept away by disease and war even before the dwarves' more northerly kingdom fell. »

  • -3389 DR
  • The dwarf realm of Haughdannar falls. The sea is thought to have driven the dwarves of Haunghdannar mad; the realm rapidly dwindled as ship after ship that put out did not return, except for small fishing boats that never left the sight of land. The land was overrun by bugbears, trolls, ogres and orcs. »

  • -1561 DR
  • Death of General Matick of Netheril.
    Mathick was a ruthless man with a violent streak as long as a dragon's tail. He joined the ranks of Seventon's army and began a rapid climb to the top (sometimes through the attrition of his superiors). During his life he thwarted over 30 minor goblin assaults, and his successes were legendary even during his own life. The ratio of Netherese losses in relation to enemy kills were the lowest of any general in the nation's history.

    Matick was believed to have slaughtered over 25,000 orcs, 35,000 goblins, 2,000 trolls, and about 5,000 halflins and elves (whom he hated feverishly). The general was also said to have been responsible for the creation of three spells that eventually become armor, magic missile, and shield, but sages believe he actually had these spells commissioned. »

  • -1542 DR
  • An "trophy" ear of a troll is rumored to have regenerated into a troll in Earsome of Netheril. An entire family is killed in the resulting mayhem before the monster could be burned to ashes. A long investigation as to why a troll ear was placed in a display case is begun after hiring an adventuring company to unearth the truth. Their investigation ends in a great battle with some political enemies of the slain family. »

  • -1105 DR
  • The Trollflame Wars
    Beginning of the Trollflame wars with the Netherese city of Coniferia and the local trolls. »

  • -812 DR
  • End of the Trollflame Wars
    The Trollflame Wars culminates in a horrific battle between Coniferia of Netheril and a force of 12,000 trolls. Scorched bodies littered the earth and the city suffered severe damage when the trolls penetrated the outer walls. »

  • -649 DR [Year of Falling Copper]
  • Coniferia of Netheril finally recovers from the Trollflame Wars and finally resumes logging. Battles with the surviving trolls were infrequent, but it is obvious to everyone in the area that another confrontation with the trolls is eminent. Adventuring companies are frequently commisioned to search out and destroy troll lairs. »

  • -585 DR [Year of Rumbling Earth]
  • The troll warlord Harska Thaug gathers a horde of trolls and orcs and leads it south from the Spine of the World to assault the elven realm of Rilithar. The horde lays waste to all in its path and attacks Selskartur, the Tower of the Star, the school of wizardry constructed by the Selskar Order. The Ar-Magus Ilviroon of the Selskar Order summons the slaad lord Bazim-Gorag, "the Firebringer", who decimates the horde causing it to flee back to the Spine of the World.

    Bazim-Gorag then turns to the Selskar Order and demands payment for his services. Ilviroon balks at the high price of payment and the slaad lord razes the Tower of the Star. Ilviroon lures Bazim-Gorag into a trap and imprisons him via a powerful binding spell cast in cooperation with several of the surviving wizards, in a chamber beneath the burned-out tower. As part of the binding, he sets the condition for Bazim-Gorag's rite of unbinding, but he tells no one the formula. »

  • -582 DR [Year of Glittering Coins]
  • The horde of Harska Thaug (the troll warlord) assaults the elven realm of Rilithar on the eastern slopes of the Sword Mountains. The elves give battle and shatter the horde but not before their largest settlements are overrun and laid waste. The elves of Rilithar begin to rebuild, their strength greatly weakened. »

  • -335 DR [Year of Seven Spirits]
  • Netheril's fall crushes Coniferia's economy, but the mortal blow arrives with a resurgence of trolls. Refugees from the overrun city of Monikar provided a warning for the logging town's residents, but there is no support this time from the enclaves, which had all fallen to the ground. »

  • 75 DR [Year of Clinging Death]
  • The elf realm of Rilithar bordering the Sword Mountains is finally abandoned because of the encroachment of human settlers and unceasing orc and troll raids. Several clans of moon elves from Rilithar arrive in the Gray Forest far to the east through a portal and establish the realm of Vedrymmell. They ally with the fugitive Crown Prince Baranth I of Impiltur, who in turn recognizes their sovereignty over the woodlands. »

  • 227 DR [Year of the Raised Banner]
  • The adventurer Orluth Tshahvur establishes the realm of Shavinar to the north of present day Baldur's Gate in an attempt to unite human steadings for common defense against marauding monsters, frequent troll raids, and outlaws cast out of more southerly Sword Coast cities. »

  • 277 DR [Year of Broken Flame]
  • The kingdom of Shavinar between the Troll Hills and the River Chionthar, falls to trolls. »

  • 592 DR [Year of the Supreme Duelist]
  • Troll forces attack southern Phalorm. The dwarves abandon the Duchy of Hunnabar and relocate to the northern Duchy of Dardath. »

  • 709 DR [Year of the Earnest Oaths]
  • The three freed nycoloths (Khov'Anilessa or Trio Nefarious, Aulmpiter, Malimshaer, and Gaulguth) slay their flind "summoner" and spend the next twenty nine months drawing together their forces amid the mountains and hills north of the Dragon Sea (including summoning servant yugoloths). In all, thier army consists of orcs, ogres, bugbears, hobgoblins, gnolls, flinds, trolls and an ever growing assortment of lesser yugoloths. »

  • 932 DR [Year of Fireslaughter]
  • First Trollwar: Gangs of trolls begin attacking Nimoar's Hold with increasing regularity. In response, the aging Nimoar leads his forces northward against the Everlasting Ones in what becomes known as the First Trollwar, burning uncounted square miles of the Evermoors in the process. »

  • 940 DR [Year of the Cold Claws]
  • Second Trollwar: Beginning with Amphail the Just, who reigned for a year, six warriors claim the mantle of War Lord of Waterdeep during the next twelve years, each only to fall in never-ending battle as the defenders of Waterdeep battle gangs of trolls throughout the Dessarin River valley. Despite the hardships, Waterdeep's population grows as tribes gather within her walls for safety. »

  • 952 DR [Year of the Rings Royal]
  • This year marks the end of the Second Trollwar as the Everlasting Ones are pushed back from the walls of Waterdeep. The human realms and holdings of the North unite under the leadership of Aeroth, War Captain and champion of Silverymoon, Ahghairon of Waterdeep, and Samular Caradoon of Tyr and clear the Evermoors of trolls. The wizard Renwick Caradoon, brother of Samular, dies in the final battles and is transformed into an archlich. »

  • 1150 DR [Year of the Scourage]
  • Increased attacks by troll and orc tribes on the Sword Coast. »

  • Waterdeep is hit hard by the plague that is affecting all throughout the Sword Coast. The situation is made worse due to constant attacks by trolls and orcs. Worship of Talona and Loviatar soars. »

  • 1290 DR [Year of the Whelm]
  • Dragonspear Castle succumbs to the depredations of a Calishite mage named Ithtaerus Casalia. The Wizard binds Daeros's dragon companion Halatathlaer in magical slumber, and then tricks Daeros into sacrificing his life and activating the portal that leads to Avernus, first of the Nine Hells of Baator. While Daeros's followers battle an incursion of baatezu, Ithtaerus loots the dragon's hoard and then lures three young and ambitious dragons to the castle by having them think that Halatathlaer and his hoard are vulnerable. The dragons destroy Halatathlaer and much of Dragonspear Castle before slaughtering each other. The only survivor, a black dragon named Sharndrel, enraged at the deceit perpetrated against him, seeks out and slays Ithaerus. He then flies away, leaving the castle a shattered ruin. It is eagerly raided by goblinkin and trolls from the High Moor as well as other evil spellcasters and brigands, until all the dwarf followers of Daeros are dead or gone. »