• -72 DR [Year of Enchanted Hearts]
  • Refugees from Jhaamdath (present dayt Chondath) found the city of Chessagol (present day Tsurlagol) in south-western section of the Vast. »

  • 1161 DR [Year of the Quiet Earth]
  • Flester Farcout of the Dun Blades, the possessor of the Round Book (an artifact of Milil) dies in the Battle of ManySwords. His grieving widow, Annaethe Farcoat, sells the Book to Lord Irlistir of Ulkan in return for a cottage and farm on which to live out her days. Ironically, she was a singer of note and worshipper of Milil, who never knew exactly what the Book was.

    Lord Irlistir, who was more concerned with power and conquest, found little use for a book that played music whenever it was opened. He sells the Book for a large amount of coins to the bard Paerestus "Smokebeard" of Tsurlagol. Paerestus hides the Book in a hollow space in the crumbling wall of a stable behind his home, using the music from the Book and lyrics of his own to "create" original songs. »

  • 1246 DR [Year of Burning Steel]
  • The orc warlord Fottergrim and the magelord Archlis leads a mixed horde of goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears and some half-breed rogues against Tsurlagol. When they successfully enter the city, numerous local humanoinds join Fottergrim's army.

    Fortunately, the Thultyrl of Procampur honors his treaty with Tsurlagol and moves his armies to free it's sister city. The Thultyrl hires an adventuring band called the Siegebreakers (a band of sappers). In their expedition the Siegebreakers discover the Moaning Diamond beneath Tsurlagol. The Siegebreakers divert a river beneath Tsurlagol, and combined with Archlis using the Moaning Diamond, the southwestern and western walls of the city are collapsed. Fottergrim and Archlis are slain and Procampur's armies victorious.

    Fottergrim's silver-plated skull is mounted on a pillar halfway between the two cities as a warning against threatening Procampur's allies. »

  • 1317 DR [Year of the Wandering Wyrm]
  • 1317 DR to 1323 DR
    The Dragon Plague sweeps through the Vilhon Reach. There it is known as the Plague of Dragons due to its visible effect of causing the skin to flake and the induced madness.
    The plague also takes a huge toll in Chessenta and Unther (not ending there until 1324 DR).

    Tsurlagol declares a quarantine against the plague. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Marpenoth 15 Talos is in Tsurlagol during the Time of Troubles. At the end of the crisis, Talos protests Ao's new commandment before returning to the godly realms. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Thay places enclaves in Cimbar, Phsant, Proskur, and Tsurlagol. The zulkirs ramp up the production of magic items for export.
    The enclave at Phsant is an instant hit all along the Golden Way. »