• -10700 DR
  • Battle of the God's Theater
    The God's Theater (present-day the Tunlands) on eastern Shantel Othreier is the site of one of the largest and costliest of all the Crown Wars' battles. Nearly 70,000 elves died at the hands of elf and orc enemies, as an orc horde 100,000 strong fell upon the already embattled elves. Aryvandaar won the day, and occupied the northern half of Shatel Othreier. »

  • 760 DR [Year of Drifting Stars]
  • Tashara of the Seven Skulls is utterly destroyed by Azuth in the Tunlands. One of the Seven Skulls named Mallin is swept into the ruins of Myth Rhynn in the depths of the Forest of Tethyr. »

  • 983 DR [Year of the Submerged Country]
  • The Magister Malune Nalonkriver is killed in Tunlands by the black dragon Constulgrael "The Water King".

    Constulgrael becomes Magister, the only true dragon to do so in the history of the office. »

  • 1347 DR [Year of the Bright Blade]
  • Carath, priest of Helm and possessor of the Helm of Helm reputation has grown due to the hundreds of priests of Helm who had begun their careers under his wise tutelage at the Guardtower of the God. Priests of Talos and Shar attack the temple to destroy it and him.

    They fell the walls and crush Carath in his courtyard. A grief-crazed Tayana flies up out of the ruins and defeats the invading priests with mighty spells. When she is done, Tayana embraces her beloved Carath and willingly burns to death. It is from this event that the Helm of Helm emits a burnt smell whenever magical fire is active within a half-mile of it.

    Some years later, a Helmite priest by the name of Rolor, who saw himself as the new Sword of Helm, visits the ruins of the Guardtower of the God, and the Helm rises out of the fire-scarred rubble to hover in front of him. Rolor takes it and marches off into the Tunland to found a new realm dedicated to Helm. He is known to have routed a Zhentarim patrol out of Darkhold, then walked into the Tunland. He and the Helm have not been seen since. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Tarsakh After Cormyrian forces from High Horn begin raiding the Tunlands in response to increasing bandit activity, Warlord Thaalim Torchtower vows revenge against King Azoun IV Obarskyr when Thaalim's youngest son is killed. »

  • 1388 DR [Year of the Tanarukka]
  • Bullywugs tribes from the Farsea marshes begin harrying Zhentarim forces operating throughout the Tunlands, diminishing the Black Networks activities in the region. »