• 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Flamerule 26 The Start of the Twelfth Seros War
    Deepwater War
    The monstrous wereshark Iakhovas (known as the "Threat From the Sea") finds an artifact in Coryselmal and uses it to shatter a large section of the Sharksbane Wall, destroying Akhanmyr and one of the Sea Unicorns guardposts in one explosion. The Xedran Reefs take this as a sign that their religious Time of Tempering has begun. Iakhovas and the sahuagin occupy Coryselmal for a time. »

  • Flamerule 27 All six High Mages, their four students, and Pacys the Loreweaver leave Sylkiir and head for Myth Nantar upon hearing the explosion from the Sharksbane Wall. »

  • Midsummer Iakhovas allies with Olleth to have the morkoth collect more magic across Seros and gain spoils of war. »

  • Eleasis 4 Vhaemas the Bastard and the merfolk of Thuridru ally with Iakhovas and the Sea Hulks koalinth tribe to help decimate the southern Xedran Reefs, which are starting to react to the presence of the sahuagin. »

  • Eleasis 9 Sahuagin begin resisting Iakhovas' rule until Iakhovas personally slays the Great Whale Bard of Seros to prove his worth as their king. »

  • Eleasis 11 During the frenzy over the death of the Great Whale Bard, Iakhovas' forces attacks Xedran Reefs and destroys colonies at Orilidren, Ageadren, Ilramas, Ilkanar, Ilphaeth, and Ilteon.
    This event lasts until Eleasias 17, 1369 DR »

  • Eleasis 13 Morkoth of Qatoris get wind of plans among the morkoth of Olleth and mobilize a few Dukars to rally allies among the good races to fight Iakhovas and his army. The rest of this month sees the alliance slowly build among the shalarin of Es'rath, the tritons of Vuuvax and Pumana, and merfolk of Voalidru. »

  • Eleasis 19 Iakhovas sends most sahuagin forces off to all corners of Seros to raid undersea and surface areas. »

  • Eleint 2 Surprise sahuagin attacks on the Ola, Aya, and Yea clan hatcheries of Es'rath cause the deaths of over 1,000 unhatched shalarin. Over 200 shalarin and sahuagin perish »

  • Highharvestide The still-grieving shalarin Eadar Ri'ola'con names the 21-year-old Ri'ola'kirk his heir, as his own father perishes unsuccessfully defending the clan hatcheries at Ys'ivis. »

  • Marpenoth 5 The High Mages and Pacys arrive at Myth Nantar, only to be confronted with the Barrier at the edge of the mythal. To the High Mages' astonishment, Pacys easily pierces the barrier and enters the city alone. »

  • Marpenoth 9 Iakhovas uses magic to summon some monstrous elder form of kelpie all around the Whamite Isles, drawing its entier population into the sea to drown and rise as sea zombies. Iakhovas' army of drowned ones (as sea zombies are referred to), lacedons, koalinth, and merfolk traitors marches on Voalidru and the Lower Hmur Plateau.
    This even lasts until Marpenoth 13, 1369 DR. »

  • Marpenoth 19 Fall of Avina, Lacuan, and the abandonment of Voalidru to Iakhovas and his invading army. Naulys doesn't fall due to the rescue by revenge-driven 'chitls from the Xedran Reefs killing 75% of the koalinth forces.
    This event lasts until Marpenoth 25, 1369 DR »

  • Marpenoth 29 The Nantarn Alliance comes together at Xadea and Myth Nantar, with sea elves, shalarin, merfolk, and morkoth all working together. Central players are the long-hidden shalarin Dukar Tu'uua'col, the displaced Princesses Jian and Arina and Prince Mirol of Voalidru, the tritons Keros the Wanderer and Tribune Akkys of Vuuvax. On the Uktar 1, 1369 DR, Tu'uua'col touches the Barrier along with the collected High Mages, and with one note (sung by Pacys from inside the mythal), the Barrier falls.
    This event lasts until Uktar 5, 1369 DR »

  • Uktar 6 Merfolk forces fall back from Xadea slowly, sacrificing lives to draw Iakhovas and his dwindling forces to Myth Nantar for the prophesied showdown there. Morkoth of Qatoris and Dukars erode Iakhovas' control over his armies and allow the natural enmities among the races to break up the troop formations.
    This event lasts until Uktar 8, 1369 DR »

  • Uktar 7 End of the Twelfth Seros War. Battle for Myth Nantar culminates in a great Whirlpool Gate opening at the urging of High Mages. This wrecks quite a few ships, including many allied with Iakhovas, but succeeds in expelling the Great Ravager out of Seros and into the Outer Sea at the cost of the two elder High Mages and others. »

  • Feast of the Moon End of the Twelfth Seros War
    The Nantarn Feasts collect the allied races at Myth Nantar to celebrate the end of the Twelfth Seros War. To the surprise of many, the Dukar Orders make themselves known to Seros for the first time in over six hundred years. Numerous shalarins, morkoths, sea elves, and some surface-world immigrants join the Dukars to become the peacekeepers of Myth Nantar and the Nantarn Alliance. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Hammer 8 Malenti enters Myth Nantar and petitions to join some of the clergies and the militia. Despite serious misgivings, the High Mage Pharom Ildacer gives his endorsement. By the end of the following month, they have set up a smithy and started to forge metal weapons for the defense of Myth Nantar and allies, against the aggressive sahuagin who have remained in Seros after the Twelfth Seros War. »