• -3869 DR
  • The charismatic 20-year-old priest of Tyche (the god whom Tymora and Beshaba sprang from), Nether the Elder rises to rule the fishing village of Gers in the north of Faerun. He eventually visits the other nearby villages and convinces their leaders to band together under his leadership.

    Once Nether possessed true power, the depths of his greed and ambition becomes clear. Instead of seeking to rule the villages in a just and fair manner and to protect them from marauding monsters, Nether instead set about plundering resources. He orders all of the villages treasuries to be stored in Gers, assemble the militias into a single army under his leadership, and then establish himself as the dictator of Netheril. »

  • 442 DR [Year of the Relic's Vigil]
  • First mention of the Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora) in the book To Serve Fair Fortune, written by the adventurer-priest Ithlom Dhaunart (although it is believed that the Flame's origins are much more ancient). The book describes the Flame as a holy item kept by the Faithful Sisters of Tymora at their temple-farm at Smiling Lady Well (now sunk beneath the waves of the Moonsae along with nearby Northkeep) is borne out by the fact that the center of their compound is marked by a shrine called "The House of the Holy Flame" (the only instance of a "flame" being associated with Tymora). »

  • 982 DR [Year of the Scythe]
  • Jorthan Twocastle, a lovable rogue who served the a Tymoran temple in Sembia and member of the Brave Broadsword Band, escapes from the lair of the red dragon, Thungarbarath in the Thunder Peaks with a handful of coin and the Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora). Jorthan is the only member to survive.

    Jorthan tries to sell the Flame in Archenbridge, but Jorthan did not known that only worshippers of Tymora may handle the artifact and not be burned by it. An interested merchant is engulfed in flames and no one shows any further interest in the Flame.

    Jorthan hides the Flame in one of the Brave Broadsword's favorite caches: an empty coffin in the Mulsiner family crypt deep within Ordulin's Graveyard of the Sleeping Gryphon and hires on as a caravan guard. When he returns, the Flame is gone. Not knowing what to do next, Jorthan forgets about the Flame and moves on with his life.

    He eventually tells his tale years later, as he lay dying in the care of the monks of Old Hazard Hill Farm, a monastic Tymoran retreat north of Huddagh. »

  • 994 DR [Year of the Weary Scribe]
  • The Magister Meldryn Jalensifer, is instructed by Mystra to give the Scepter of Mystra (an artifact of Mystra) to a minor mage somehwere on Toril and then let it wander, reclaiming it only if a Red Wizard of Thay, a mage of Halruaa, or another powerful mage, linked by social ties to a group of archmages, took possession of it. The Magister gives the Scepter to a minor hedge-wizard by the name of Naerlus "Flamespell" Anarthandyer.

    Naerlus promptly abandons his former kindly befuddlement and uses its magic to build himself into a petty tyrant in the coastlands north of Leilon. The Magister Meldryn judges it is better to remove the Scepter from Naerlus before he got embroiled in a major war and begins to call on the Scepter to return to him (Mystra, Azuth, the Mgaister and all of the Chosen of Mystra can trace the whereabouts of the Scepter and see its wielder and immediate surroundings merely by concentrating for a few moments. Mystra, Azuth, and the Magister can call on the Scepter to themselves by prolonged concentration). While the Magister was beginning to call the Scepter to himself, Naerlus accidentally discovers the fly away spell (a power of the Scepter to cause it to teleport to a random location on Faerun. The trigger was made to change, so that no one could learn how to keep the Scepter forever).

    The Scepter found its way to a ruined abbey of Shar in northern Calimshan. It is found a season later by adventurers who were too afraid to experiment with it, and sells it to Amblaeryn Alaba, a rich Calishite satrap who hoped that with its aid his five hired mages could destroy a rival and his hireed guardian mages.

    The five mages then betrayed Amblaeryn. When his rival, Imtherl, refused to pay what he had promised for their betrayal, the five mages killed Imtherl and all his mages as well.

    The five wizards eventually fought over the Scepter, which left one dead and another turned into a stone, lost among thousands of similar stones on a beach north of Ormpur. The wizard Earndus Orthorm claimed the Scepter, which caused the other two to attack him. In haste, Earndus accidentally triggers the fly away spell, and is slain by the other two wizards.

    This time the Scepter lands into the hands of an orc shaman. Unable to activate any of its powers, the orc tosses the Scepter into a deep gorge, which again activated the fly away spell (whenever the Scepter falls more than a 100 feet, it spontaneously activates the fly away spell.)

    Appearing in a tavern in Telflamm, it demonstrates another ability. Whenever an offensive arcane spell is cast near it and the Scepter is not held by anyone, it floats in the air to about a man's height and glows a faint blue light. This ability is triggered by two minor mages in a spellduel, and a full blown tavern brawl erupts to claim the Scepter. Eventually a doppleganger in the guise of a serving wench claims and flees with the Scepter. One of the dueling wizards gives chase, but the doppleganger overpowers and slays the wizard. A passing priest of Tymora and his mage companion slays the doppleganger. The mage, Taluth of Telflamm, claims and carefully studies the Scepter. In time, he triggers the fly away spell. The Scepter appears in a drowned tomb in a deserted suburb of Calimport that had crumbled into the sea. »

  • 1150 DR [Year of the Scourage]
  • The Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora) surfaces as a means of murder in Calimport when a number of satraps and powerful shaleiras (wealthy investors-concubines who sponsors various men into positions of power and manipulate them all their lives) are found dead in their beds, their bare skins all bearing single burns. The killer remains a mystery despite the use of powerful seeking spells, and may have been a drow or another dweller of the Underdark who had learned how to handle the Flame. The only certain thing is that the being who slew the Ongalar of Calimport, one of the last victums, fled deep underground while closely pursued, and had the Flame in hand. »

  • 1158 DR [Year of the Blood Tusk Charge]
  • The Flame of the Spirit is seen by Fargoth Labbard, a rooftop sneak-thief in Elturel in the hands of a Tymoran adventurer whom Fargoth promptly robbed. His booty burns Fargoth badly when he tries to examine it in his rooftop hideaway. His arms fell into ashes as he collapses. Another thief who robbed him dies in agony.

    The Flame bounces away form the burning body when it crashes to the cobbles of an Elturian street and is scooped up by a servant of the local mage Helgarth, who wraps it in his cloak. Helgarth examines the gem carefully, and when he is sure that its magic would not aid him, he placed it in an open chest, as a decoy for thieves, inside the window of his tower that always stood open to admit his flying gargoyle servants.

    Over the next three decades, the Flame slays 10 thieves, and sorely wounded at least three others. »

  • 1188 DR [Year of the Soft Fogs]
  • The Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora) is given the nickname "Helgarth's Death" when after a furious young apprentice, Nagathra of Baldur's Gate, takes revenge on her master after a whipping by thrusting the gem into his mouth and holding it there. Nagathra finds herself attacked by all of Helgarth's servitor-creatures and her fellow apprentices. In the battle, the Flame is hurled out into the streets along with most of the eastern side of Helgarth's Tower. It is gingerly taken up and put on display under a glass hood in Amscoth's Ales, a tavern where many travelers see it (including the historian Urbuth of Athkatla and several Tymoran priests) and heard the increasingly fanciful tales of its exploits as "the Flying Flame" that sought out and slew the evil or the unworthy or just the foes of the Hidden One who commanded it from afar. »

  • 1192 DR [Year of the Guide]
  • The Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora) is snatched from its place in the tavern by the dancer Falaera "Manybells" Drachan, who said the gem is holy to Tymora, and should be returned to the goddess. Someone evidently disagreed. Falaera's headless body is found beside a farm lane a tenday later - and the Flame had vanished from her backpack. »

  • 1212 DR [Year of Ocean's Wrath]
  • Unchartered adventurers explore the Fields of the Dead north of Elturel found a tomb beneath the Hill of the Headless Dancer. They speculated that the dancing zombie for whom the hill was named was Falaera, animated by whoever had populated the tomb with guardian undead. The Flame of the Spirit is set into a door, its base protruding to form the door handle (so as to burn all non-Tymorans who try to open the door). The door led only to a string of traps, but the rest of the tomb, hidden beyond a concealed door, is furnished as the abode of a wizard - an absent wizard who presumably had met with misfortune while away from home, and would never return. The adventurers took the Flame away in a coffer and sold it to a gem merchant in Iriaebor, not bothering to warn him of its properties. He disappears within a tenday. »

  • 1269 DR [Year of the Moat]
  • The Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora) appears when it is found on a brigand's body lying in the rubblish heaps of the Rat Hills, south of Waterdeep by the priest Ungold of Tyr, who concealed the gem and revealed its whereabouts to Waterdhavian worshipers of Tymora. The Tymorans are slain by unknown assailants during their return to the city, and the Flame vanishes again. »

  • 1287 DR [Year of the Smoky Moon]
  • The Flame of the Spirit reappears at a MageFair int he Fallen Lands, where a certain Udo of Felthaeran (a village in the Vilhon since destroyed by spell-battles and storms) attemtps to sell it to Prasker of Torbold. The aged Lord Mage recognizes the Flame and refused it, subsequently informing Nanthoe of Esmeltaran, a priestess of Tymora, of Udo's attempt. Nanthoe sets many Tymorans searching for Udo down the following decades, but he is never found. »

  • 1339 DR [Year of the Weeping Moon]
  • Sundeth Gossyl, a cleric of Tymora, is killed in combat with a wyvern while on the battlements of the Citadel of the Raven. She is later entombed in a tower in the keep called "Sundeth's Tower". »

  • 1344 DR [Year of Moonfall]
  • The Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora) is seen in Skullport by Mirt the Moneylender. An anonymous mage who learned how to open the Flame into its tablet form is trying to sell it to discerning buyers as "a tome of many mighty magics from long-lost Netheril". He fled when Mirt tries to seize the Flame, and proves to have both dopplegangers and illithids among his loyal bodyguards. It takes over a dozen years for their attempts to slay Mirt to cease. »

  • 1350 DR [Year of the Morningstar]
  • The cambion Asbeel finds the boy chosen to be the wielder of the Stone of Tymora in the care of the druidess Elbeth in the High Forest. Not wanted to confront the druidess in her grove, Asbeel sets fire to the surrounding forest. Elbeth hides the boy she named Lucky Child and instructs him to follow the road at dawn.

    He is awaken by Perrault, and renames the child Maimun (the Bedine word for 'twice lucky'). They begin to travel along the Sword Coast. »

  • 1354 DR [Year of the Bow]
  • The House of the Lady (temple to Tymora) is established in Shadowdale. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Orn Thavil becomes high priest of the Lady's Happy Hall, a temple of Tymora in Procampur. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Tymora holds worship in her church in Arabel. She later fights with Beshaba in the North during the Time of Troubles. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Marpenoth A plague known as featherlung strikes Procampur. Hundreds die in the poor district and other districts are blamed for its spread due to their slow reaction. It was spread further when the afflicted travelled to the temples of Helm and Torm to be cured, so a cleric of Lliira, Baniya Dolester, and a cleric of Tymora, Orn Thavil, ventured into the poor district to set up a shrine. Those two are reprimanded by the Thultryl for their actions, despite the fact that they obviously prevented the plague from spreading further.

    A mob forms, accusing a sailor from Prespur (a pirate) of being a priestess of Talona because of her tattoos. The pirate is lynched. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Iyachtu Xvim, godson of Bane, attempts to deceive Lathander into rejoining Tymora and Beshaba back into Tyche.

    The kender Emilio Haversack is gated to Sigil. He joins Joel, the Rebel Bard, and his companions in thwarting Xvim's plans. »

  • The temple to Tymora, The Lady's Favor, is completed in Sevenecho in the Vast. Randolph dul Umast is appointed its first high priest by his superiors at the Lady's Happy Hall in Procampur. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Kythorn The Torque of Faith is transported to the Lady's Favor, a newly built temple of Tymora in the hamlet of Sevenecho in the Vast. While this was done in secret, the Vipers bandits attack the convoy, and loots the convoys wealth, including the Torque of Faith. »