• 713 DR [Year of the Firedrake]
  • Eleint 19 The Sudden Storm (Weeping War: Campaign #7)
    A.K.A.: The Vaults' Valiants, Uvaeren's Star
    While this battle is now considered a major one of this campaign and a win by the Allies, none of the Fourth Legion's troops ever set foot in it.

    Major deaths include:
    Ualair the Silent; Captian Olqyvk (N'Vaelahrn Rhymallos) »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Feast of the Moon Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun brings together many powerful mages in order to restore the denizens of the lost city of Miyeritaar's High Mages and cleanse part of the High Moor. In order to make the magic permanent, he and the Grand mage Ualair the Silent sacrifice themselves to create Rhymanthiin, the Hidden City of Hope.

    Laurel Silverhand Arunsun is pregnant with Khelben's twin children.

    After his death, Khelben's spirit remained in Blackstaff Tower to guide and advise future Blackstaffs.

    Tsarra Chaadren, the half-elf sorceress becomes the second Blackstaff. In public, she wears a magical illusion to make herself look like Khelben. »