• 472 DR [Year of Full Cellars]
  • Ulbaerag Bloodhand and his people conquer the settled tribes, uniting the tribes as one. Irrigation of the farms starts and extensive building begins around the harbor area of future Waterdeep. »

  • 482 DR [Year of the Blighted Vine]
  • A Tethyrian warlord named Ulbaerag Bloodhand conquers the ever-feuding tribes of Blackcloak Hold. Within a generation, Ulbaerag unites the tribes as one. The settlement becomes known as Bloodhand Hold. »

  • 523 DR [Year of Trials Arcane]
  • Realm of Three Crowns
    The raising power of orc hordes in the North leads to the calling of the Council of Axe and Arrow. There, the humans of Delimbiyran, the dwarves of Dardath, the elves of Ardeep Forest, the gnomes of Dolblunde, and displaced halflings from Meiritin collectively found the Tri-Crowned Kingdom of Phalorm. The aging Ulbaerag rejects an invitation to join the Realm of Three Crowns. »

  • 734 DR [Year of the Splendid Stag]
  • Raulbaera the "Maiden King", a descendant of Ulbaerag Bloodhand, claims the lands near present-day Amphail and establishes a settlement there, which she names Rowan Hold. »