• -1648 DR
  • Hunters skilled in winter survival migrate west across the polar ice cap from Sossal (Kara-Tur) to search for new species of game in the Great Glacier. Shortly thereafter, a tirichik ambushes the party and kills the leader.
    The survivors panic and become lost, inadvertently moving deeper into the Great Glacier. Eventually, they reach the shores of the Lugalpgotek Sea. They renounce their faith in the gods, whom they hold responsible for their misfortune. Permanent settlements are established, and the hunters become the precursors of the Ulutiuns. »

  • -901 DR
  • Iulutiun representatives from Gronne attempt to establish formal relations with the Innugaakalikurit (arctic dwarves) in Novularond by inviting them to participate in the koatulit. The Innugaakalikurit decline, but the invitation marks the beginning of a long and cordial relationship between the Innugaakalikurt and the Ulutiuns. »

  • -760 DR
  • The Year of the Great Flood. An unusually warm summer causes the waters of the Nakalpgotak and Lugalpgotak Seas to rise and engulf Ulutiun villages near the shore line. Hundreds of Ulutiuns drown when their villages are washed away. »

  • 466 DR [Year of the Burnt Spear]
  • Deadly disease brought to Great Glacier by Treasure Hunters from Sossal. Hundreds of Ulutians and caribou succumb to the sickness. »