• -2586 DR
  • A group of adventurers disappear while traveling through the region of the Thunder Peak, and divinations reveal that a powerful undead creature had claimed their lives for their trespassing. Other exploratory parties are sent to the region to verify the incident, but they return after a long search with nothing to show for their efforts. »

  • -306 DR [Year of Wan Shades]
  • Shadows emancipated from their masters reclaim their identities and strike at Netherese undead across Faerun. »

  • 403 DR [Year of the Black Dagger]
  • The Barony of the Steeping Falls crumbles. Tales tell of terrible beasts, undead, and other evil creatures that lurk in the ruins, causing the inhabitants of the nearby regions to avoid the site of Morlin Castle. »

  • 657 DR [Year of the Nine Stars]
  • Scouring of the Utter East
    A horde of antediluvian horrors is released upon the Five Kingdoms of the Utter East. Grand Caliph Arash bint Sanjar of Zakhara sends troops to the Five Kingdoms to eradicate the undead plague, leaving a wasteland of razed cities and rotting corpses in their wake. »

  • 900 DR [Year of the Thirsty Sword]
  • The Battle with the Witch Lords
    King Galaghard III of Cormyr battles the forces of the Witch Lords of the Wyvernwater and their undead armies in Wheloon, Juniril, and at Manticore's Crossing. The final battle between the two forces occurred at the Vast Swamp. As the battle begins, the Witch Lords unleash bat-mounted units who use lightning-based attacks to pick off some of the Marsembian troops. Thanderahast spots his old enemy Luthax in the air and uses magic to engage him. The fight swings towards the Witch Lords as a large troll is bearing down on Galaghard III when a young Bleth sacrifices himself to give the king more time. At this point, the orcs and goblins are driving the humans back on one flank in a move to encircle them.

    The Cormyrean troops are finally granted victory as the venerable elf lord Othorion Keove and his elves enter the battle and break the orc and goblin advance, slaying their ogre leaders and routing them. This is the turning point of the battle and the zombies are quickly defeated by the elves and the surviving humans. The rest of the Witch Lords army quickly retreat into the swamp, and the battle is won. »

  • 1150 DR [Year of the Scourage]
  • Battle of Morningstar Hallows
    Borran Klosk, servant of the Stalker, marches his undead armies against the cities of The Vilhon Reach. The Emerald Enclave and the Alaoreum dwarves aid the cities of the Reach in their time of need. At the Battle of Morningstar Hallows, druids cause the Alaoreum River to rise, flooding the armies of Borran Klosk. Unable to destroy Klosk, Priests of Eldath, imprison the mohrg beneath Alaghon. »

  • 1212 DR [Year of Ocean's Wrath]
  • Unchartered adventurers explore the Fields of the Dead north of Elturel found a tomb beneath the Hill of the Headless Dancer. They speculated that the dancing zombie for whom the hill was named was Falaera, animated by whoever had populated the tomb with guardian undead. The Flame of the Spirit is set into a door, its base protruding to form the door handle (so as to burn all non-Tymorans who try to open the door). The door led only to a string of traps, but the rest of the tomb, hidden beyond a concealed door, is furnished as the abode of a wizard - an absent wizard who presumably had met with misfortune while away from home, and would never return. The adventurers took the Flame away in a coffer and sold it to a gem merchant in Iriaebor, not bothering to warn him of its properties. He disappears within a tenday. »

  • 1272 DR [Year of the Shrieker]
  • Zhentarim wizards and priests of Bane and Myrkul raise an army of undead, orcs and other creatures to asault Silverymoon but are repelled by Alustriel Silverhand and her Spellguard. »

  • 1282 DR [Year of the Many Mists]
  • Sammaster briefly returns as a lich (and begins gathering humanoids, undead, and dragons into an army), once criteria he had set into play three centuries before are finally resolved amid the ruined city of Harrowsmouth. From his lair in the Desertsmouth Mountains, high above Shadow Gap, Sammaster begins to rebuild his control of the Dragon Cult. However, before the returned First Speaker could treaten the surrounding lands, the Company of Twelve, composed of a dozen paladins supported by the Harpers, march into the "Gates of Hell". At the cost of nine of their number, they destroy the lich again, although they did not recover his phylactery or the original Tome of the Dragon. »

  • 1324 DR [Year of the Grimoire]
  • The pirates of the Brotherhood of the Red Tide meet and decide that the very stones of the Abbey of Onter's Pool must be carried off and sunk to eliminate the haunting ghosts of the slain priests of Azuth on the isle of Norlorn. The pirates do their work during the day and the ruins of the abbey are completely removed. However, while the haunting ghosts were banished, the presences of other undead was not. »

  • 1338 DR [Year of the Wanderer]
  • Drizzt Do'Urden arrives in Blingdenstone, where he befriends the Svirfneblin Belwar Dissengulp. The admittance of the drow renegade and his brief residence therein marks the end of centuries of isolation for the deep gnomes.

    Drizzt is later forced to leave Blingdenstone, due to the fear of its citizens and Drizzt's mental state. Belwar chooses to join the drow. The pair later teams up with Clacker, a pech that was turned into a hook horror by an evil wizard.

    The three are enslaved by illithids of Phanlinksal, only to be saved by the undead Zaknafein (who was raised by Malice using a special necromantic spell of Lolth called Zin-Carla and tasked in finding and slaying Drizzt), and quite separately, Guenhwyvar, who came to this plane by following curious illithids that were traveling the astral plane to examine the magical creature. The surviving illithids flee to Guantlgrym.

    Drizzt and Zaknafein later fight over a volcanic river, and Drizzt's undead father is able to regain control of himself long enough to hurl his body into the lava. This failure to bring the renegade Drizzt under control heralds the end of House Do'Urden. »

  • 1347 DR [Year of the Bright Blade]
  • Zhengyi the Witch-King rises to power in Damara. He raises Castle Perilous in one night, then immediately begins winning the favor of the local goblins, giants, and orcs. He gained support from priests of Orcus, allowing him control of many undead creatures, and enlisted the help of the Grandfather of Assassins. »

  • 1359 DR [Year of the Serpent]
  • Six adventurers are recruited to protect Bloodstone Village from an army of bandits; Gareth Dragonsbane, Olwen Forest-Friend, Friar Dugald, Riordan Parnell, Celedon Kierney, and Emelyn the Gray. The folk of the village rally behind the heroes to face bandits in battle, even to stand against the undead forces of Banak, high priest of the demon Orcus, assassins from the Citadel of Assassins, and other creatures in league with the Witch-King Zhengyi of Vaasa.

    In battle, Kane personally defeats the Grandfather of Assassins.

    Kane (at the time the Master of Spring) is called back to the Monastery of the Yellow Rose after the death of Grand Master Poke. Kane declines to take Master Poke's position, but must stay to train the new Grand Master, Cantoule when Temmenische also declines the position.

    The rest of the adventuring companions return from an expidition to the Abyss, having stolen the Wand of Orcus, shattered it in the blood of an avatar of Tiamat (checking her plans once again), and returned to Damara with the blessing of Bahamut. Gareth brought with him the Tree-Gem, which once planted, represented Bahamut's covenant to protect Damara against the influence of demons as long as the kingdom of Damara allied itself with the forces of good. With the planting of the Tree-Gem, Bahamut regains his status as a true deity.

    With the destruction of Wand of Orcus, Zhengyi loses his power over the undead and his castle (Castle Perilous) crumbles. Zhengyi is destroyed and the second war between Damara and Vaasa ends. »

  • 1360 DR [Year of the Turret]
  • The lich Tan Chin former Emperor of Shou Lung, gathers an army of undead at the fallen Imaskar city of Solon. Wielding powerful magic from that ancient empire, Tan Chin (masqueraing as the Rajah Ambuchar Devayam) marches his undead armies east easily conquering Ra-Khati and settlements within the Katakoro Plateau. »

  • 1361 DR [Year of Maidens]
  • Tan Chin and his undead armies push eastward into Shou Lung. Weakened by the Horde invasion two years prior, the Shou make feeble stands at Shih Tuh and Yenching but are easily overrun. Turning his army northwest, Lo Tu is next to fall, followed by the realm of Khazari by year's end. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Hammer Thay launches its latest invasion attempt against Aglarond in the winter. Szass Tam creates a vast army of undead to cross the frozen Umber Marshes. The animated corpses crash like waves against the Watchwall but fail to overcome the fortification. »

  • Highharvestide Arcturia, one of Halaster's apprentices, is slain in Undermountain by four frost giants (members of the Twisted Rune) in the Room of the Grim Statue. Despite her death, she still managed to kill two fo the giants and was able to activate her contingency magic to remove her corpse and leave an illusion of her dead body. After Arcturia's body was returned to her sancuary, she rises as an undead creature known as a worm that walks.

    The arch-mage Shradin Mulophor (who is without Halaster's protection due to his abduction) is shouted to death by the Skulls of Skullport, and the Skulls become the undisputed masters of Skullport in Undermountain. The form of Shradin and all his possessions instantly turns into a pale red mist and floats away. The Skulls had actually transformed him into an entity capable of feeding on the physical components of victims and channeling that power into the mantle surrounding Skullport.

    With Shradin and the Rag Mage, 2 Skulls are now able to escape the confines of their prison for a short period of time, typically into the halls of Undermountain. They try to keep this fact from becoming common knowledge.

    Halaster, who had foreseen this possibility long ago, is sure to oppose the Skulls in their attempts to be free of the mantle of Skullport. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Mirtul An adventuring party known as the Hunt has successfully penetrated and returned to Skullport from Shradin Mulophor's dwelling. The members of the party are Shasslan Timtrane (female human fighter), Crommlar Muirel (male human cleric of Tempus), and Tanagost Arletoll (male human wizard). The Hunt's members reported finding a vast subterranean palace far beneath the streets of Skullport. Lethal traps ranging from rune-warded archways to statues that spat fire and acid heavily guarded the palace. Worse still, horrid monsters and undead constructs - including what appeared to be a miniature dragon of bone - greeted them at every juncture and chamber. They only delved into the first three levels, finding storerooms, guest rooms, and what appeared to be a throne chamber befitting the home of a Calisite pasha. The members of the Hunt refuse to go into too much detail describing the place, since they plan to return as soon as their wounds heal. »

  • The former Magister, Alvaerele Tasundrym defeats 12 Red Wizards who were attacking Velprintalar, who were attempting to draw out the Simbul (who was again away).

    Although the Red Wizards withdraw from the Umber Marshes, the battle is not over. As autumn falls, undead creatures trapped in the swamp claw their way out of the thickening muck. Without the leadership of the Thayans, they wander about aimlessly to this day, hurling themselves upon the Watchwall. »

  • An unwitting pawn of Malar releases the dread mohrg Borran Klosk from his long imprisonment beneath the Temple of the Trembling Flower in Alaghon. Borran Klosk summons to his aid an army of drowned ones from the Whamite Isles to sack Alaghon. Haarn Brightoak and the Emerald Enclave come to Alaghon's aid then as Klosk seeks to activate Taraketh's Hive, an artifact that would destory the ecology of Turmish for centuries.

    The Emerald Enclave seizes control of the Whamite Isles. »

  • Sea zombies and the ghost of pirates attack Telflamm but are turned back by the Chruch of Tempus. »