• 211 DR [Year of Spoiled Splendors]
  • Clan Melairkyn, forced to retreat to successively lower and less important levels of the Underhalls by the drow, finally vanishes. The drow name thier new holdings Kyorlamshin and claim most of fallen Melairbode as their demesne.

    Bandaerl, son of Rykos, blood of Melair and High Old One of Dumathoin survives the attack in King Melair I's tomb (one of the sub-levels of Undermountain) as an archlich. »

  • 309 DR [Year of the Cascade]
  • After many years of exterminating large pockets of drow and duergar, Halaster Blackcloak now rules the Underhalls of Undermountain beneath Waterdeep. »

  • 493 DR [Year of the Ecstatic Priest]
  • The drow, forced into the lowest levels of the Underhalls, finally abandon the former dwarf home of Melairbode entirely. »

  • 1184 DR [Year of the Howling Hourglass]
  • After an expedition into the Underhalls, Shradin Mulophor returns a changed man, unstable and unpredictable. Although he retains the mantle Lord of Bones, he no longer commands the fear and respect he once did. »