• c. -750 DR
  • An order of powerful Netherese wizards takes up residence amid an unexcavated section of Melairbode, in what is now known as the third level of Undermountain. The name of the outpost is lost to time, though some scholars refer to it as the Sargauth Enclave. They begin experimenting on mantles, magical fields similar to elven mythals. »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • The Sargauth Enclave in present-day Undermountain is partially destroyed as a result of Karsus's Folly, and the Netherese arcanists that survive are twisted into magically potent undead that will become known as the Skulls of Skullport. These Skulls find that they are now part of the mantle that they were working on, and now cannot travel beyond it's borders. »

  • 34 DR [Year of Purloined Power]
  • Drow overwhelm the Melairkyn dwarves of Undermountain, and King Melair IV is slain. The dwarves retreat to lower, less important levels of the Underhalls. »

  • 171 DR [Year of Unkind Weapons]
  • Halaster's Hunts
    Halaster Blackcloak begins his Halaster's Hunts in Undermountain. Instead of releasing his summoned demons and other outsiders after they had completed their task of constructing Halaster's Hold, he sends them into Undermountain to drive off any inhabitants there. They last until 308 DR. »

  • 211 DR [Year of Spoiled Splendors]
  • Clan Melairkyn, forced to retreat to successively lower and less important levels of the Underhalls by the drow, finally vanishes. The drow name thier new holdings Kyorlamshin and claim most of fallen Melairbode as their demesne.

    Bandaerl, son of Rykos, blood of Melair and High Old One of Dumathoin survives the attack in King Melair I's tomb (one of the sub-levels of Undermountain) as an archlich. »

  • 250 DR [Year of the Storm Crown]
  • Halaster Blackcloak makes Undermountain his domain. »

  • 268 DR [Year of Cruel Storms]
  • The mithral in the halls that were once held by the Melairkyn dwarves in Undermountain are finally mined out by the duergar. »

  • 284 DR [Year of Fallen Flagons]
  • The duergar from Gracklstugh largely abandon their holdings in Undermountain, known to them as Sargauthan Hold due to the once plentiful veins of mithral beneath what is now known as Mount Waterdeep runs out and Halaster's Hunts make their continued residence untenable. »

  • 307 DR [Year of Sundered Sails]
  • The Seven (Arcturia, Jhesiyra Kestellharp, Muiral the Misshapen, Nester, Marambra Nyghsteel, Rantantar, and Trobriand the Metal Mage), Halaster's apprentices, abandon the surface Hold and enter the dark ways of Undermountain hoping to establish their own holdings. The tower and surface holdings fall into decay and ruin, and the tribes of Blackcloak Hold, as the settlement had come to be known, quickly grows. »

  • 308 DR [Year of Promise]
  • Halaster's Hunts
    Halaster's Hunts, a series of exterminations of drow and duergar in Undermountain by the mad wizard Halaster Blackcloak, comes to an end. »

  • 309 DR [Year of the Cascade]
  • After many years of exterminating large pockets of drow and duergar, Halaster Blackcloak now rules the Underhalls of Undermountain beneath Waterdeep. »

  • 326 DR [Year of Secret Slaughters]
  • Halaster Blackcloak discovers the Crystal Labyrinth in Undermountain, and begins using it to store his most prized possessions. »

  • 667 DR [Year of Austere Ceremonies]
  • For reasons unknown, Jhesiyra Kestelharp (the current Magister) transforms herself into a living wish spell. She is able to disappear and appear anywhere. She is later abducted by Halaster Blackcloak and forces her to create more living spells for the Mad Mage.

    She currently rules over other living spells in Undermountain's Citadel of the Bloody Hand. Driven half mad by her transformation, she rules over the living spells the Mad Mage forced her to create.

    After Jhesiyra becomes a living spell, the office of Magister passes to the mage Nerren Prentiyuel. Nither Azuth or Mystra are willing to speak of this incident. »

  • 668 DR [Year of the Telling Tome]
  • Wizards begin mysteriously disappearing this year from Myth Drannor and all of Cormanthyr; the only clue is that all the visible gates throughout the city crackle ominously and flash blue lightning within their boundaries. (In truth, Halaster Blackcloack of Undermountain is abducting at random and banishing them to the Underhalls.) »

  • 680 DR [Year of the Long March]
  • After more than a decade, wizards of the Guild of Naturalists piece together the clues and realize that Halaster Blackcloak has been abducting wizards all throughout Cormanthyr in retaliation for their plundering of his monsters in Undermountain. The guild mounts a rescue expedition into the dungeon, which never returns, and they quietly end their sorties to Undermountain. Attempts to dispel or destroy the gate connecting their hall with Undermountain meet with failure. »

  • 767 DR [Year of the Awakening Wyrm]
  • Dornal Silverhand suspects that his wife, the half-elf Elue Shundar, is possessed by an evil spirit. His suspicions are confirmed when he asks a local priest for magical divination (the priest not able to know that the possessing spirit was in fact the goddess Mystra). Dornal slays his wife, which is when Mystra reveals herself to him. Devastated by the fact that he had slain his wife, Dornal wanders the realms, searching for his death (although Mystra watches over him and keeps him from it).

    Mystra, desperate to keep the 7th child alive, makes an arrangement with the drow goddess Elistraee, and places the spirit of the unborn child in the body of a drow worshipper of Elistraee (who was also pregnant, but the child had died in her womb). The drow mother gave birth to Qilué Veladorn, the 7th sister.

    Some time this year, an infant Qilue and her playmates manage to kill an avatar of Ghaunadaur and seal off the Pit of Ghaunadaur. »

  • 997 DR [Year of the Fearful Harper]
  • The Scepter of Mystra if discovered by merfolk and sold to a Calishite merchant, who then sells it in a bazaar in Schamedar. Its purchaser, Kloroth of the Seven Curses, discovers another power of the Scepter. An arcane worshiper of Mystra or a priest of Mystra can cast spells that are beyond his ability while holding the Scepter. Kloroth uses it to create a series of permanent gates in an attempt to create a fast trade network between the Sword Coast (Waterdeep in particular) and the Inner Sea lands (Sembia). However, the Scepter had another ability that got in the way of Kloroth's plans. If the permanency spell is used in conjunction with the other ability that Kloroth discovered, the Scepter permanently polymorphs the user randomly. Kloroth thus acquired an eight curse, this one personal (the other seven had been spells he had cast on opponents). Kloroth was changed into a shrieker mushroom in a dark street in Selgaunt.

    The Scepter changes hands six times that night. Dawn finds the last one to claim the Scepter to be an older and wiser Naerlus "Flamespell" Anarthandyer, who had been forced to flee the Sword Coast when he had lost the Scepter the first time and found himself facing many roused foes. After slaying the previous owner with spells that caused his arms to change into tentacles, Naerlus flees through Klauth's gate, and finds himself in Skullport. A mind flayer promptly slays Naerlus and flees into Undermountain with the Scepter. The illithid is in turn slain by drow, who then gets lost in Undermountains labyrinth, and dies. »

  • 1037 DR [Year of the Immortals]
  • Otherplanar creatures spill out of Undermountain into the city but are turned back by Ahghairon and Kherris, a masked Lord wielding Azuredge. Ahghairon refortifies the magical and physical defenses around the ruins. »

  • 1104 DR [Year of the Dark Dawn]
  • The Magister Immue Dathril runs afoul of something in Undermountain, possibly a phaerimm, that leaves her little more than a pain-wracked head and upper torso.

    The office of Magister soon passes to the mage who gave her a painless death - the drow Neinfaen Sauntarae of Sshamath. »

  • 1130 DR [Year of the Howling Moon]
  • Vanrak's sister, Lady Alathene Moonstar takes refuge, with the rest of her Selûne-worshiping family in the High House of Stars and petitions the courts to strip her brother of his title and banish him, providing evidence of numerous heinous crimes. The Watch goes to apprehend him but unbeknownst to them, Vanrak had caught wind of their plan and taken his followers through a secret portal to Undermountain. »

  • 1171 DR [Year of the Dark Mask]
  • Lord Vanrak Moonstar and his followers (calling themselves the Dark Army of the Night) conquer a highly defensible redoubt in the Dark Levels of Undermountain. It becomes known as Vanrakdoom. »