• -330 DR [Year of Empty Quests]
  • The Bey of Runlatha dies near Delzoun's western border while battling the nalfeshnee Zukothoth. The Runlathan refugees fragment into loosely allied family groups and revert to a primative way of life. These groups become the precursors of the Uthgardt tribes of the modern era. »

  • 123 DR [Year of the Icy Axe]
  • Uthgar dies from wounds received in battle with Gurt, Lord of the Pale Giants, at the present-day site of Morgur's Mound. His nomad human followers call themselves the Uthgardt in his honor and form tribes based on the beast spirits he was said to have tamed in his lifetime.

    Tempus elevates Uthgar to the rank of demigod for his deeds. »

  • 153 DR [Year of the Wolfstone]
  • Illithids from the Underdark and their lycanthropic thralls conquer Gauntlgrym. A few survivors escape and are taken in by a tribe of Uthgardt. »

  • 576 DR [Year of the Sunless Passage]
  • The Red Pony and Golden Eagle Uthgardt tribes vanish into the Underdark after discovering a passage beneath the One Stone ancestor mound. »

  • 705 DR [Year of Watchful Eyes]
  • The mages of the Covenant begin to secretly manipulate and influence the Uthgardt tribes of the North through their Art. By season's end, the tribes stand united against the goblinoids of the Savage Frontier. »

  • 715 DR [Year of Hungry Jaws]
  • At the whispered request of the Covenant, the Uthgardt begin hunting down and slaying orc chieftains, killing a score of them over the next five years. Their actions prevents the formation of another orc horde. »

  • 729 DR [Year of the Twisted Horn]
  • Several Uthgardt tribes destroy the Twisted Horn orc horde when it masses at the headwaters of the Surbrin. The Covenant may, or may not have been involved. »

  • 753 DR [Year of Strife]
  • The Goblin Wars
    Mirabar is overrun and plundered by goblin hordes that stream south out of the Valley of Khedrun. Their numbers are thinned by the savage ferocity of the Uthgardt tribes who battle them day and night for the better part of a season before the goblins are eventually annihilated by the Covenant-whelmed humans of the Dessarin Valley. »

  • 775 DR [Year of the Bloody Stone]
  • The Uthgardt alliance defeats an ogre-led army of orcs and goblins that emerges from the Evermoors. The warriors of the Elk Tribe fall almost to a man in the defense of Flintrock. On the verge of extinction, these once-proud people become little better than bandits. »

  • 797 DR to 802 DR
  • The Uthgardt Alliance, backed by the hidden hand of the Covanent, fades away as the tribes begin to feel the loss of their warriors. »

  • 957 DR [Year of the Entombed Poet]
  • Illusk repels attacks by Uthgardt barbarians. »

  • 1313 DR [Year of the Shattered Oak]
  • The Tree Ghost Uthgardt tribe breaks from the Blue Bear tribe. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Eleint The Griffon Tribe of Uthgardt barbarians lay siege to the town of Nesme. »

  • Uktar The town of Nesme succumbs to the siege led by the Griffon Tribe Uthgardt barbarians. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • The Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe, led by the Annis Hag Tanta Hagara, conquers the fiendridden fortress of Hellgate Keep, and Tanta becomes its new ruler. It is suspected that Tanta had already gained allies in the keep before she had invaded. »

  • A group of Zhentarim-sponsored adventurers broke into the Great Worm Cavern, slaying Elrem the Wise, shaman leader of the Great Worm tribe of the Uthgardt. As the Great Worm tribe's warriors descended into the ranks of the evil adventurers, the least three of them used teleportation magic to escape, along with a vast amount of treasure stolen from Elrem.

    Themrin becomes the tribe's new shaman.

    In a dream, Themrin sees Elrem and is told to use his scales to forge two suits of armor. Themrin and Gwenshen "Ironhand" Talistars (the tribe's leader) are wearing this armor made form the scales of Elrem. This leather like armor magically provides protection as good as full plate. »

  • The Tree Ghost Uthgardt tribe rediscovers the site of its ancient ancestor mound known as Grandfather Tree in the High Forest. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • A group of Harpers infiltrate Hellgate Keep using cloaking magic and reveal that Tanta Hagara is actually an annis hag. This revelation does not hamper the Blue Bear's respect for their chieftain. Hellgate Keep begins attacking caravans en route to Sundabar, and a few expeditionary forces of demons (tanar'ri) are sent to harass the Citadel of the Mists, Sundabar, and Silverymoon.

    Alustriel is able to defend Silverymoon with her magic, and the Gem of the North suffers no damage. Similarly, the Mistmaster of the Citadel of the Mist defends his home (with the help of treants of the High Forest). Sundabar however suffers greatly as the fiends break through the walls and ravaged though the city streets. Helm Dwarfriend leads a large contingent of the city guard to drive the fiends from Sundabar. They are successful, but the fiends leave the city burning. The city is extinguished in two days and repairs begin.

    In mid Eleasias, Turlang, lord of the treants of the High Forest begins actively defending the Citadel of the Mist. Tanta sends her forces of fiends and Blue Bear barbarians to attack the Citadel of the Mist. At the same time, the Mistmaster sends two Harpers, the bard Cryshana Fireglen and a priest of Mystra known as Spellviper. They carry with them two pieces of the Gatekeeper's Crystal artifact. The two Harpers volunteers for the suicide mission, and when the Mistmaster activated the artifact, a blazing beam of purple energy illuminated the skies over the keep, the magical wards surrounding Hellgate Keep to collapse and destroy everything in the area, including Tantra Hagara and the Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe. This also frees the surviving daemonfey of House Dlardrageth from their millennia imprisonment, including Sarya Dlardrageth.

    The attacking force from Hellgate Keep, unsure of what happened or what to do next, are attacked by treants, and fae (korred, centaurs, satyrs, dryads). While the forces of Hellgate Keep were defeated, Fauarel Blackhammer, the lord protector of Triboar falls in battle. »