• c. -28000 DR
  • The Colossal Kingdom reaches its height, stretching across Faerun from the Cold Lands to the Vilhon Reach. »

  • -16900 DR
  • Numerous elves abandon the surface realms of Eiellur and Syorpiir (present-day Chondalwood and the Land of the Lions) during the War of Three Leaves (which also included Thearnytaar) to settle in the Selmal Basin (near the Vilhon Reach) of the Sea of Fallen Stars. This migration continues for several millennia. »

  • c. -7700 DR
  • Rise of the Marid States
    Rogue marids from the Calim Empire enter Selmalyr (undersea Vilhon Reach), sparking war with the sea elves. Within a year, the marids and their jann spread into Seros, allying and sharing their power with the other aquatic races. Because these new Marid States are located in deep water beneath the Hmur Plateau, their residents face no direct retribution from the elves for their expansionist activities. »

  • -255 DR [Year of Furious Waves]
  • Fall of Jhaamdath
    The Twelve Cities of the Sword are destroyed by a gargantuan tsunami raised by the elven High Mages of Nikerymath. This event reshaped the coastline into the contours of the Vilhon Reach known in the present day.
    Some survivors settle in Altumbel. »

  • Procession of Justice
  • -247 DR to -238 DR
    Tyr, god of war and justice, bursts forth from a portal near modern-day Alaghon in Turmish, then leads a force of two hundred archons across the Vilhon Reach in an effort to pacify the remnants of ancient Jhaamdath, which had fallen into lawlessness. Tyr's host slays Valigan Thirdborn, a lesser deity of anarchy. »

  • 20 DR [Year of the Fallen Fury]
  • Iljak, the first major trade city of the Vilhon Reach, is founded. This marked the end of the large-scale Jhaamdath exodus and the beginning of efforts to build a human realm along the shores of the Vilhon Reach. »

  • 50 DR [Year of the Barbed Wind]
  • Hlondeth establishes itself as both a port city and a major landmark along the Turnway. The cities of Mussum, Samra, and Arrabar spring up along the southeastern shores of the Vilhon. Daroush, Torl, and Asple are established on the northwestern shores of the Reach. »

  • 75 DR [Year of Clinging Death]
  • Plague wracks souther Faerun, devastating Chessenta, the Vilhon Reach, and the Shaar, killing more than half of the population in less than a decade. »

  • 227 DR [Year of the Raised Banner]
  • The human realm of Tathtar is established at the western end of the Vilhon Reach by the warrior Haedrar Mornlight. »

  • 230 DR [Year of the Wailing Dryads]
  • Dalagar "Longwalker" becomes king of Andlath (a vanished realm that flourished on what is now the Shining Plains), and begins construction of a trade road linking the Sword Coast lands with the Vilhon Reach. »

  • 278 DR [Year of the Fallen Banner]
  • The population of the Vilhon Reach area soars. Many mercenaries are hired this year. »

  • 285 DR [Year of Wasteful Pride]
  • The slave-nation of Nimpeth is founded and becomes the first city-state in the Vilhon Reach to withstand the armies of Chondath. Numerous attempts to take it over militarily prove fruitless. »

  • 714 DR [Year of Doom]
  • Kythorn 23 Fallen Flight (Weeping War: Campaign #12)
    A.K.A.: Overmantle's Bane, Final Fate of Nezras
    This disheartening battle is notable for the corruption and loss of the primary power of the mythal: the elven overmantle that allowed them basic defenses and flight! While the early parts of the battle showed tactical advantages for the elves in troop placement and battle magics, the unexpected loss of mobility and flight by the elves led to a rout, especially after the initial loss saw many elves plummet from the sky directly onto mezzoloth-held spears. The only heartening note of the battle was the death of Nezras the Traitor at the hands of the Akh'Faern mage Juppar, a young moon elf whose unrequited passion for Captain Iliathorr lent him the rage and fervor to destroy a whole party of orcs to reach Nezras and engolf him in no fewer than three fireballs, leaving nothing but smoking bones as testament of his passing.

    SECRET: Nezras used some lost magic to exchange places with another traitor human mage before dying from Juppar's spell strikes, and his fate is unknown; No word ever reached Cormanthyr that he survived, since he has slain every elf he has met since this time. However, three centuries after the Fall, some Harpers discover that he survives as a lich and has various lairs about Faerun, including one in the mountains north of the Vilhon Reach. The strangest, unconfirmed rumor about Nezras was that the wild magic of the Time of Troubles restored his youth and life, and he is now an ancient mage in a youth's body.
    Among the deaths of this battle include the Spell-Captain Phyrra Iliathorr, Nezras the Traitor. »

  • 848 DR [Year of the Vigilant Familiar]
  • Endreira Chathlass, High Temptress of Loviatar, dies of old age.

    Endreira in her past had founded the Black Falcons of Fury, an elite band of female adventurers. The Black Falcons quickly made names for themselves through their daring ruthlessness, raiding various Mulhorand families. Endreira soon demands the use of a cragtop castle from a petty ruler, the Jahorgan of Jahorga (a realm that lay between the Nagawater, the Nagaflow, and the Golden Road). The Hahorgan haughtily refused her. She responded by taking him hostage, slaying all of his citizen, seizing the realm for her own and publicly inviting rebels and outlaws from the lands of the Vilhon, the Old Empires, and around the Lake of Steam to become citizens of her new "pirates' realm", Endrara.

    Even as armies were lined against her, Endreira turned to Loviatar for the first time in her bloody life and made a hold pact: She would slay Jahorgan slowly by torture. In return, Loviatar would aid her with spells, priestesses hastily gathered from all over Faerun, and "torturer-gargoyles" (margoyles). Spells from the sky sent by Loviatar destroys the armies arrayed against Endreira.

    Enraged by his perception that Loviatar was encroaching on his domain, Talos destroys the realm of Endrara. Endriera escapes by the will of Loviatar. Endriera travels the realms, spreading the words of Loviatar.

    Her successor, the ambitious but careless Chalice of the Faith, Imshrara Vlengaun and claims the Lash of Loviatar. »

  • 882 DR [Year of the Curse]
  • Kalgrathur Daycloaks, leader of the Nightfire Lances mercenary band, slays Uemer Vordryn, king of the realm of Maurmurra in the Vilhon Reach, and pronounces himself High Lord of that realm. »

  • 962 DR [Year of the Shandon Veil]
  • The Cult of the Dragon reaches farther south than ever before with the creation of a cell in, around, and beneath the city of Hlondeth in the Vilhon Reach. »

  • 966 DR [Year of the Squire]
  • Rondyl Darusk meets a bloody end at the hands of the "Bandit Wizard" of Chondath, a brigand harrying between the Vilhon and the lands of Chessenta and Mulhorand. The Leaves of Green (artifact of Silvanus) is lost. »

  • 992 DR [Year of the Watching Helm]
  • Lord Saros begins shaping Turmish into one of the strongest naval powers in the Reach. »

  • 1150 DR [Year of the Scourage]
  • Battle of Morningstar Hallows
    Borran Klosk, servant of the Stalker, marches his undead armies against the cities of The Vilhon Reach. The Emerald Enclave and the Alaoreum dwarves aid the cities of the Reach in their time of need. At the Battle of Morningstar Hallows, druids cause the Alaoreum River to rise, flooding the armies of Borran Klosk. Unable to destroy Klosk, Priests of Eldath, imprison the mohrg beneath Alaghon. »

  • 1287 DR [Year of the Smoky Moon]
  • The Flame of the Spirit reappears at a MageFair int he Fallen Lands, where a certain Udo of Felthaeran (a village in the Vilhon since destroyed by spell-battles and storms) attemtps to sell it to Prasker of Torbold. The aged Lord Mage recognizes the Flame and refused it, subsequently informing Nanthoe of Esmeltaran, a priestess of Tymora, of Udo's attempt. Nanthoe sets many Tymorans searching for Udo down the following decades, but he is never found. »

  • 1317 DR [Year of the Wandering Wyrm]
  • 1317 DR to 1323 DR
    The Dragon Plague sweeps through the Vilhon Reach. There it is known as the Plague of Dragons due to its visible effect of causing the skin to flake and the induced madness.
    The plague also takes a huge toll in Chessenta and Unther (not ending there until 1324 DR).

    Tsurlagol declares a quarantine against the plague. »