• 735 DR [Year of the Prophet's Child]
  • Rise of the merfolk kingdom of Eadraalcentered on the city of Voalidru just off the Hmur Plateau in Seros, Selana the Peacemaker (who is crowned Queen and first ruler of Eadraal) brings some merfolk back into harmony with Seros as she founds Eadraal in the city of Voalidru just off the plateau. The rise of Eadraal does not end the war, as Eadraal exists for the next fifteen years as but one city, an ideal of peace among all races and merfolk, and a line of noble merfolk whose drive to restore peace rises above all the chaos of war. »

  • 1329 DR [Year of the Lost Helm]
  • Morkoth, at the behest of Great Arcane Aodk, kidnap merfolk Queen Wylla, Princess Diera, and Princess Aeda, and magically change them into monstrous forms that mindlessly attack Voalidru. Their deaths are avenged with the attacks on Olleth later this year and the death of Aodk and his Arcounts. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Eleasis 13 Morkoth of Qatoris get wind of plans among the morkoth of Olleth and mobilize a few Dukars to rally allies among the good races to fight Iakhovas and his army. The rest of this month sees the alliance slowly build among the shalarin of Es'rath, the tritons of Vuuvax and Pumana, and merfolk of Voalidru. »

  • Marpenoth 9 Iakhovas uses magic to summon some monstrous elder form of kelpie all around the Whamite Isles, drawing its entier population into the sea to drown and rise as sea zombies. Iakhovas' army of drowned ones (as sea zombies are referred to), lacedons, koalinth, and merfolk traitors marches on Voalidru and the Lower Hmur Plateau.
    This even lasts until Marpenoth 13, 1369 DR. »

  • Marpenoth 19 Fall of Avina, Lacuan, and the abandonment of Voalidru to Iakhovas and his invading army. Naulys doesn't fall due to the rescue by revenge-driven 'chitls from the Xedran Reefs killing 75% of the koalinth forces.
    This event lasts until Marpenoth 25, 1369 DR »

  • Marpenoth 29 The Nantarn Alliance comes together at Xadea and Myth Nantar, with sea elves, shalarin, merfolk, and morkoth all working together. Central players are the long-hidden shalarin Dukar Tu'uua'col, the displaced Princesses Jian and Arina and Prince Mirol of Voalidru, the tritons Keros the Wanderer and Tribune Akkys of Vuuvax. On the Uktar 1, 1369 DR, Tu'uua'col touches the Barrier along with the collected High Mages, and with one note (sung by Pacys from inside the mythal), the Barrier falls.
    This event lasts until Uktar 5, 1369 DR »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Midwinter In Seros, the latest merfolk attempt to reclaim Voalidru from its monstrous inhabitants fails and costs the lives of over 1,000 merfolk. The merfolk capital has become filled with monstrous and undead and not a few plundering merfolk from Thuridru. »