• 1172 DR [Year of the Hoary Host]
  • The Azuthan Abbey of Onter's Pool on the island of Norlorn northwest of Kelthann in the Sea of Fallen Stars is sacked and burned by pirates. The ghosts of the slain priests become restless and haunt the island for many years, to the displeasure of many pirates. The abbey was the resting place of Vorthryn's Archivir, an artifact of Azuth.

    The Archivir was created long ago by Vorthryn Saraddath and is one of the few holy books of the faith that is not a Touched Tome, rather a book of prayers dedicated to the god Azuth. The Archivir was intended to provide a central and orthodox source of magic for the devout priests of the Azuthan abbey. »

  • 1359 DR [Year of the Serpent]
  • Vorthryn's Archivir is taken from its resting place and finds its way into the hands of an untold number of adventurers. The book is incredibly useful to those who wield it and serves to convert many to Azuth's faith. »