• -433 DR [Year of Words Regretted]
  • The process of Lachery to use the mythallar to transport creatures beneath the floating enclave into holding pens is not a scientific process. An ancient white dragon known as Wintercloak flies beneath the city and is subsequently teleported inside one of its cold storage chambers. As it tore down the walls to its cell, Veridon and his enclave of arcanists face the creature in the streets of Lachery. Veridon dies at the receiving end of a breath of icy coldness along with nearly a dozen of his arcanists. The survivors, however, kill the beast. »

  • -343 DR [Year of Chilled Marrow]
  • The arctic dwarves of Dareth come under attack from Hoarfaern, a realm of white dragons and their bestial servant creatures, and are forced to flee to deeper caverns. »

  • -327 DR [Year of Opened Graves]
  • The shield dwarves of Clan Shattered Shield arrive in Dareth to find their arctic dwarf cousins beset by the white dragons (and their servitor creatures) of Hoarfaern. They rescue the surviving folk of Dareth and retreat to a lone mountain which they name Mount Sundabar in honor of their home in Delzoun. They commence building a fortress of their own there and elect Embryn Shattered Shield as their king. He leaves his clan to take the name Embryn Dareth. »

  • -323 DR [Year of Unseen Doom]
  • The white dragons of Hoarfaern attack Mount Sundabar with potent magic items of unknown, elder origins, shattering the peak and laying waste to the dwarf fortress there (the dwarves of Clan Shattered Shield and Dareth). The surviving dwarves commence guerrilla war against the dragons of Hoarfaern and their servitor creatures. »

  • -318 DR [Year of Crying Wolves]
  • The dwarves of Dareth and the white dragons of Hoarfaern destroy each other in a final climactic battle on the broad mountainside now known as Heroes' Height, bringing this dwarf kingdom to an end. »

  • 290 DR [Year of Full Cribs]
  • Arkhenthus the Mage-Devourer, the ancient white wyrm, dies by the swords of six flying elves and humans. This marks the first Cormanthyran dragon hunt involving non-elves. »

  • 600 DR [Year of Fire and Frost]
  • The four cities of Minsorran bordering Amn are found to be deserted after a fierce blizzard leaves them snowbound for more than a month. Few discover that the great white wyrm Icehauptannarthanyx has devoured the entire population. »

  • 947 DR [Year of the Advancing Wind]
  • The realm of Calandor is ravaged by the battle between the silver dragon Teskulladar "Manytalons" and the white dragon Cortulorrulagalargath. In his death throes, the great white wyrm falls from the sky onto the remnants of Delimbiyran, slaying the Duke of Calandor and his retinue. Tyndal, his son-in-law, is proclaimed duke and relocates the ducal seat to the site of the Old Barony of the Steeping Falls. Construction of Castle Daggerford atop the ruined remnants of Morlin Castle begins immediately. »

  • 1279 DR [Year of the Snarling Dragon]
  • A Cult of the Dragon cell near Luskan destroys itself when an allied white dracolich attacks three allied white dragons for their hordes. »

  • 1324 DR [Year of the Grimoire]
  • The white dragon Arauthator slays the venerable red dragon Rathalylaug high above the rooftops of Neverwinter. »

  • 1326 DR [Year of the Striking Hawk]
  • The wizard Meltharond Throne, master of the venerable white dragon Aveiaturace, dies. »

  • 1356 DR [Year of the Worm]
  • Wulfgar, wanting to present a trophy worthy of granting him the right to challenge his tribes chief, Heafstaag, goes in search of the white dragon Icingdeath. Drizzt Do'Urden follows in secret, and together they slay the wyrm. Among the treasures, Drizzt claims the magical scimitar "Icingdeath". »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Alturiak Two linked barges are found adrift in the River Sargauth with their crews and pilots missing. Their cargoes appear to have been picked over but otherwise have been left intact. Stranger still, a single egg measuring 3 feet across is found on board one barge stored on a bed of ice and frost. The Skullport Island Registry impounds the cargo and sells the egg, obviously that of a white dragon, at a sealed auction. Although the person of people who bought the egg never came forward publicly, rumors spread that Chantos Greybeard and Aurin the Generous of the Hired Horrors were seen leaving the Registry shortly after the auction closed. Speculation runs rampant that the Hired Horrors may be planning to mass produce white dragons with the assistance of their deepspawn.

    Two questions remain unanswered:

    • Is there a dragon's hoard lying hidden somewhere along the course of the river unguarded (perhaps off of one of the many gates)?
    • What if the unborn dragon's parents are not dead and come looking for their young?


  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Mirtul 2 Auseriel comes under concerted attack by a family of white dragons led by the great wyrm Harashnalthyn. At Maura's insistence, Prince Lamruil returns the Tree of Souls to Evermeet, while the princess and their remaining followers provide a valiant rearguard defense. »

  • Mirtul 4 Prince Lamruil returns to Auseriel in the company of an elite band of elf knights. They find the hidden city abandoned and the corpses of a dozen white wyrms, but no trace of Princess Maura Silverhand or her rearguard. The prince vows to rebuild the settlement, while continuing to search for a trace of his vanished wife. »

  • Arveiaturace, a white dragon who lairs in the Ice Peaks (an isolated island south of the Sea of Moving Ice and west of Fireshear) is tempted by Lashivian (a wizard of the Cult of the Dragon) while the white wyrm was searching for a new wizard master, to cooperate with the Wearers of Purple. However Arveiatruace is yet convinced into becoming a draco-lich. »

  • The Host Tower of the Arcane in Luskan is attacked by a dozen or so dragons under the effects of the Rage of Dragons. Among the attacking dragons include Arauthator (an old white dragon) and Thalagyrt (male very old mist dragon). Both dragons make off with many spell tomes. »

  • 1484 DR [Year of the Awakened Sleepers]
  • The drow wizard Tsabrak Xorlarrin channels the Darkening upon the Silver Marches under order of Lolth.

    A large army of orcs and drow, supported by Frost giants and White dragons, assault the Silver Marches.

    • Nesme is destroyed by a orc horde guided by Tiago Baenre riding the White dragon Arauthator
    • Sundabar is conquered by a orc army commanded by the warlord Hartusk and renamed Hartusk Keep


  • The Battle of the Cold Vale
    The half-drow Doum'wielle Armgo, disguised as an elf and an envoy from the Moonwood, convinces Bromm, one of the twin kings of Citadel Adbar to travel to the Moonwood. Bromm and his entourage of dwarves are ambushed by drow, lead by Tiago Baenre and the white dragon Arauthator. Tiago kills and beheads Bromm. »

  • 1485 DR [Year of the Iron Dwarf's Vengeance]
  • Tarsakh War of the Silver Marches
    In the air, Drizz't Do'Urden and Afafrenfere (guided by the spirit of Kane), astride the copper dragons Tazmikella and Ilnezhara battled the drows Tiago Baenre and Tos'un Armgo who were riding the white dragons Arauthator and Aurbangras. This battle sees Tos'un and Aurbangras dead and Arauthator fleeing. »

  • Eleasis The church of Auril begins operating openly in and around Bremen.
    Hedrun Arnsfirth the Ice Witch gains the loyalty of the Reghedmen Tribe of the Bear. They establish a camp around the dead white dragon, Ingeloakastimizilian's lair in Evermelt. »