• -108 DR [Year of Wands]
  • A clandestine order of witches emerges near Lake Tirulag and makes itself known to the folk of Rashemen. Of Raumviran ancestry, they are sworn to preserve the lore and learning of the Empire of Raumathar. »

  • -105 DR [Year of the Bloody Goad]
  • An Illuskan tribe known as the Rus arrives in eastern Faerun by means of a malfunctioning portal that deposits them on the eastern shore of Lake Ashane. Although quickly integrated into the native Rashemen population, the Rus were powerful berserkers who spark an insurrection among the native Rashemi against the court of Eltab. The arrival of the Rus coincides with the emergence of the Witches of Rashemen, a secret sisterhood formed in the dying days of Raumathar to preserve that empire's magical lore. »

  • -75 DR [Year of Leather Shields]
  • An alliance of the Rashemi, the Rus, and the Raumviran witches finally liberates Rashemen from demonic rule. The hero of this conflict is a half-Rus/half-Rashemi warrior named Yvengi, who wields a great magical blade named Hadryllis against Eltab, severely wounding the demon lord and forcing him to flee. The Witches of Rashemen finally catch up with Eltab in the Sharawood, far to the south in the Eastern Shaar. They imprison him beneath the forest floor and bind a dracolich known only as the Everlasting Wyrm to be his guardian. »

  • After defeating Eltab, the witches of Rashemen demand the right to name the Iron Lord of Rashemen. The nation of Rashemen is established. »

  • -45 DR [Year of the Raging Brook]
  • The god-kings of Mulhorand desire Rashemen as a new province. They send a massive army through the Gorge of Gauros, but are soon turned back by berserkers and nature spirits summoned by the Witches of Rashemen. »

  • 189 DR [Year of the Cowled Defender]
  • Bregg the Strong, a mighty berserker, launches a rebellion against the witches of Rashemen when they refuse to name him Iron Lord on the death of the previous lord. Berserkers loyal to Bregg cut down dozens of hathrans in the first hours of his revolt. »

  • 194 DR [Year of the Coiling Smoke]
  • Bregg's rebellion is finally crushed. The hathrans take to wearing masks to conceal their true identity as a consequence of Bregg's war. »

  • 1359 DR [Year of the Serpent]
  • The Tuigan Horde attacks Thay. Although a small scouting force of Tuigans was defeated by Thayan magic, General Batu Min Ho proved a far worthier foe. Thousands of gnolls and the vaunted Griffon Legion are defeated at the mouth of Shar's Pass. Zulkir Szass Tam arranges a truce with the Tuigans and builds a great portal to transport them north to Rashemen.

    The Tuigans besiege and destroy Citadel Rashemar, with the main force moving west across the High Country to attack forces rallied by the Witches at the Lake of Tears. Pinned by the Thayan army south of Lake Mulsantir, the largest force of Rashemi berserkers is unable to support the Witches, who can only delay the immense horde.

    Thousands of refugees stream across Lake Ashane fleeing the Tuigan Horde. A few of the more determined head toward Uthmere and settle along the Great Road. To this day, the people of the Great Dale refer to these people as "the newcomers". »

  • 1362 DR [Year of the Helm]
  • Thay attempts to invade Rashemen by moving forces through Thesk along the Golden Way, but they are overwhelmed by water elementals summoned by the Witches of Rashemen. The Thayans retreat after using magic to scorch the western shore to bare rock. The Witches spend a month repairing the damage. »

  • 1365 DR [Year of the Sword]
  • Thay invades Rashemen from the east, while Red Wizards melt glaciers in the Icerim Mountains, causing severe flooding in Immilmar, and Mulsantir. While the hathrans are distracted, the Thayan forces cross the foothills of the High County but are driven back by angry elementals. »

  • 1366 DR [Year of the Staff]
  • Thesk offers to improve part of the road along the Golden Way in Rashemen to facilitate traffic. The witches of Rashemen accept the offer under certain conditions of construction, and the building begins in late summer. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Ches 27 One of the hathrans, the ruling witches among the Wychlaran in Rashemen, betrays her sisters in a bid for power. She is defeated by the half-elf bladesinger Taenaran and Marissa, a druid from Cormyr. Marissa becomes one of the spirits of Rashemen. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • Aoth Fezim travels with Jhesrhi Coldcreek and Cera Eurthos to Rashemen with the intention of purchasing griffons from the Wychlaren (due to the loss of many griffons in the Battle of Luthcheq). He arrives in Immilmar to find several other buyers.

    The Wychlaren task Aoth and the other bidders to track down the culprits to numerous unexplained attacks and killings in Rashemen in the months prior. Aoth and the Brotherhood of the Griffon ally with a berserker lodge led by Vandar Cherlinka.

    Aoth tracks down a group of werewolves that were commanded by a cyclops from the Feywild. They follow the cyclops through the gate and confront the cyclops' formorian mistress. During this time in the Feywild, Aoth rescues a fire spirit named Zyl, who in gratitude, takes them to his master, the Stag King back in Rashemen. Aoth convinces the Stag King (a dark fey lord who rules part of Ashenwood Forest) to aid the berserkers march on the Durthan stronghold at the Fortress of the Half-Demon. This force defeats the durthans and their army of humanoids and undead and drive them into the tunnels under the fortress. The Stag King is killed in the tunnels by Durthan vampires. Zyl is also slain, defending his master.

    After the battle, Dai Shan, a Threskian noble who was also attempting to purchase the griffons, magically appears in the tunnels and tricks Aoth and his fellow Brotherhood of the Griffon members to enter a pocket plane. They are able to find a way back to Faerun, in Thay. »

  • 1480 DR [Year of Deep Water Drifting]
  • The Rashemi witch Yaraella is murdered by the Wychlaren Sree and her death is made to look like a suicide because Yaraella refused to join the Wychlaren.

    However, Yarealla didn't go quietly to the grave. Her spirit begins to haunt her village, causing crops to fail and agitating the native spirits of Rashemen. Yarealla's spirit reaches out to the Shadar-kai witch Ilvani. Yarealla bgins haunting Ilvani's dreams which causes the creatures of the Shadowfell to go mad whenever Ilvani was near.

    Ilvani sets out for Rashemen to seek out the Wychlaren and the source of her haunting. The witches are able to perform a ritual which puts Yarealla's spirit at rest. »