• 596 DR [Year of the Flightless Eagle]
  • The possessor of Gorothir's Girdle, tries to ambush Orgloth, the leader of the Black Star Band. In the attempt, he leaps from the second floor with a rusty dagger, but snags his foot on a rail, and brings the entire section down on both of them, killing them both.

    One of Orgloth's ladies takes the Girdle, and in the summer of this year, sells the Girdle to a Sharan underpriest in a distant city who promptly sends agents to her murdered (but they fail to find her). The ambitious underpriest puts the Girdle on a statue of Shar in his private shrine and worships it, hoping the goddess would manifest and reward him. The goddess does, and blasts the cleric to a staggering undead thing, and sets it to guard the shrine forever. He stood unable even to scream, as the goddess sends dream-vision to a young priestess, Lalondra Worul, to summon her to claim the Girdle. She builds a sisterhood of the cruel, the capable, and the careful. Thus is born The True Servants of Shar, each of them bound to her with spells so that her health governed their own, which extends her life. »

  • 697 DR [Year of the Triton's Horn]
  • The Dark Mother of Shar, Lalondra Worul seeks and achieves lichdom. Many of Lalondra's servants die, due to the life linkage magic Lalondra had established with them. Many of the underpriests of Shar riot throughout the Sword Coast, sweeping away the power of the Dark Goddess overnight. Uncarring, Lalondra walks her way in dark places beneath the earth seeking to conquer a new realm for Shar. Displeased, Shar deserts her, stripping away her spells and leaving her only Gorothir's Girdle. Alone and defenseless, lost in the caverns infested with drow and alhoon, Lalondra does not last long. »