• c. -30700 DR
  • Lammasu Massacre
    One thousand Aearee-Krocaa lose their lives to a much smaller force of lammasu. Later experiments with domesticated landwyrms produce the first winged wyrms, which the aearee name wyverns. Thanks to its new wyvern armies, the Aearee-Krocaa empire expands rapidly. »

  • -2145 DR
  • Nestled at the base of the Purple Mountains within the Far Horns Forest, the city of Wreathe serves Netheril as a permanent hunting camp. From here, hunters take out parties of inexperienced warriors and taught them how to hunt game in the wilds of the Far Horns.

    More experienced warriors were taken into the Purple Mountains to hunt more dangerous game; dragons, wyverns, manticores, and others. These creatures' body parts became a popular export for the city, which suddenly found itself specializing in dragon jerky, tail charms from manticores, and wyverntooth necklaces. »

  • 714 DR [Year of Doom]
  • Kythorn 11 Clochir's Ridge (Weeping War: Campaign # 11)
    A.K.A.: The Last Charge of the Wing and Horn, Last Run of the Moonherds, Final Fall at Clochiir
    As the cavalry reunited for its first time in months with the return of the Wing cavalry, it might have won this ground battle had it not last its greatest aerial conflich high above. Aulmpiter had enslaved Naxorlytaslsxar the Terror Tenebrous, a mature adult black dragon, as a "pet". This, and other wyverns and other creatures were controlled by the magical Staff of the Windrider. In the hands of the mezzoloth General Nyzhink of the Imperious. The Jhyrennstar-made staff and its carrier wove a flying web of death about the surviving flights of cavalry when they didn't harass the ground forces, pulling wyverns, Naxor the black dragon, and two wandering green dragons against the pegasi and griffons and dragons.

    Until the Lady Ahskahala Durothil and her gold dragon companion Garlokantha snatched the staff from Nyzhink's hold, the Wing and Claw lost more than two-thirds of their members. Once the charm of the Windrider's Staff was broken on Naxor and the other flying attackers, many of them scattered, their natures not suited to open warfare or risky situations. The black wyrm, however, was far more offended and vengeful, and turned on the creatures that dared enslave her. The mezzoloth general was swallowed in two bites, as Naxor severed its head to ensure its death. Still, her attacks on Aulmpiter only ended a battle that had long since become a rout of the Allies. To this day, the strangely honorable black wyrm awaits a chance to repay the favor she owes to Garlokantha the gold dragon, though she isn't going out of her way to do so.

    The aftermath of battle revealed the worst. All the airborne cavalry and their riders were either sorely wounded or dead; of the dragonrider leaders, but three remained alive with five dragons among them. Despite grave misgivings, Captain Selorn allowed Lady Ahskahala Durothil to sithdraw the cavalry from the war and retreat into their mountain lairs closer to Semberholme. Both strategists knew the end was near, and they knew that keeping the cavalry active would mean their deaths and leave Elven Court (or other realms) unprotected in the future. With heavy hearts, the dragons and riders of the Wing and Horn flew weakly to the west, never to see the wonders of living Myth Drannor again.

    This event lasts until Kythorn 13, 714 DR. »

  • 1214 DR [Year of the Walking Wrath]
  • A flight of seven wyverns (thought to be under the spell-control of an evil mage who employed them in several thefts and raids at about this time, although his identity and fate are unknown) tear apart the Mielikkian temple of Highluthholt (which stood in the High Forest some days' travel east of Secomber). Yornar's Trail Companion (an artifact of Mielikki) is among the temple treasures taken in the raid. This is the first recorded break in the Rightful Cycle. »

  • 1294 DR [Year of the Deep Moon]
  • Throgh, son of Thaurog, is slain by human adventurers out of Waterdeep. They in turn are attacked by wyverns, which thereafter claim Thaurog's Keep for their lair. »

  • 1307 DR [Year of the Mace]
  • Algraetha the Enchantress slaughters the resident wyverns of Thaurog's Keep and rebuilds the settlement, which becomes known as Nesme. »

  • 1339 DR [Year of the Weeping Moon]
  • Sundeth Gossyl, a cleric of Tymora, is killed in combat with a wyvern while on the battlements of the Citadel of the Raven. She is later entombed in a tower in the keep called "Sundeth's Tower". »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Kythorn A two-headed flying wyvern-like creature is claimed to have attacked a hunting expedition from Arrabar in the Chondalwood. No such creature has ever been recorded as being seen before. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • The vizar of Almraiven sends a demon to track down the ranger Mattias, his wyvern companion Trill and the son of Calimport's pasha, Cephas Arhapan in the Plain of Stone Spiders, both Mattias and Trill stay behind to fight the demon which buys Cephas' enough time to escape into the Calim Desert. Mattias and Trill are both slain. »