• 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Flamerule 26 The Start of the Twelfth Seros War
    Deepwater War
    The monstrous wereshark Iakhovas (known as the "Threat From the Sea") finds an artifact in Coryselmal and uses it to shatter a large section of the Sharksbane Wall, destroying Akhanmyr and one of the Sea Unicorns guardposts in one explosion. The Xedran Reefs take this as a sign that their religious Time of Tempering has begun. Iakhovas and the sahuagin occupy Coryselmal for a time. »

  • Eleasis 4 Vhaemas the Bastard and the merfolk of Thuridru ally with Iakhovas and the Sea Hulks koalinth tribe to help decimate the southern Xedran Reefs, which are starting to react to the presence of the sahuagin. »

  • Eleasis 11 During the frenzy over the death of the Great Whale Bard, Iakhovas' forces attacks Xedran Reefs and destroys colonies at Orilidren, Ageadren, Ilramas, Ilkanar, Ilphaeth, and Ilteon.
    This event lasts until Eleasias 17, 1369 DR »

  • Marpenoth 19 Fall of Avina, Lacuan, and the abandonment of Voalidru to Iakhovas and his invading army. Naulys doesn't fall due to the rescue by revenge-driven 'chitls from the Xedran Reefs killing 75% of the koalinth forces.
    This event lasts until Marpenoth 25, 1369 DR »