• 727 DR [Year of the Purloined Throne]
  • Rise of Keryvyr
    Unnoticed during the Tenth Seros War, sea elves clear and resettle a portion of the cliffs above the Haunted Plains (the Bay of Yhaunn off Sembia). Within twenty-five years, this grows into a string of cities and outposts spanning the western cliffs. »

  • The sea elves of Seros establish Keryvyr in a section of the cliff overlooking the Haunted Plains (present-day Bay of Yhaunn off Sembia). »

  • 902 DR [Year of the Queen's Tears]
  • Sammaster and his cult create the first dracolich, Shargrailer through a ritual that is transcribed in the Tome of the Dragon, a holy relic that is later used by the many cells of the Cult of the Dragon to raise their own dracolich allies. The First Speaker (Sammaster) uses Shargrailer as a potent weapon against the former colonies of Chondath (later to become Sembia), and the Dragon Cult's coffers begin to overflow. The ranks of Sammaster's followers grows quickly, and new cells are started in Chancelgaunt (now Selgaunt) and Yhaunn. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • Alandrina Emmeril, possessor of the Mask of Mysteries (an articaft of Mask) perishes at the hands of no fewer than 16 black-masked individuals in Sembia. One of the killers takes off with the Mask.

    Alandrina Emmeril had come into the possession of the Mask by marrying the previous owner, Rellogur Asannath. The two were members of the Scarlet Song Company. Rellogur had slain the original owner, Arnthas in Yhaunn. Rellogur and Alandrina enjoyed long lives for over 500 years before Rellogur suddenly crumbled away to nothing. Some suspect Alandrina's hand in his death. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Uktar 11 An immense kraken attacks the harbor and dock ward of Yhaunn in Sembia. »

  • 1420 DR [Year of the Dark Goddess]
  • When Sembia was unable to subvert Tasseldale as bloodlessly and easily as it did Featherdale, mercenaries financed out of Yhaunn overran the area. Requests for aid from Archendale were rebuffed, and Tasseldale is eventually brought under Sembian rule. »