• 964 DR [Year of the Pickled Privateer]
  • Yornar, the ranger hero of Mielikki is lost in the woods and beset by bugbears. He asks Mielikki for aid, and she grants him Yornar's Trail Companion and instructs him to keep and then give it to the one of her choosing. Eventually, Yornar passes the Companion to the priestess Emthreena Gulkryn in this year (who was fighting the spreading influence of Hellgate Keep in the eastern High Forest).

    She also recieves instruction to pass on the Companion, and so forth, as the Companion passed on from one needy ranger to the next priest, as Mielikki willed. This process comes to be known among Mielikkans as the "the Rightful Cycle", from priest wielder, to ranger carrier, to priest wielder. »

  • 1184 DR [Year of the Howling Hourglass]
  • One of the rangers who carried Yornar's Trail Companion on the Rightful Cycle was the tireless Rhighaermon O'Antlers, a nobleman of Waterdeep, who had renounced his surname, kin, and riches to travel the unspoiled backlands of the Realms.

    A thief steals the Companion in this year and sells it to Lord Lathamp of Elupar. Rhighaermon gathers a half-dozen fellow Mielikkians and raids Lathamp's vaults and regains the Companion. »

  • 1196 DR [Year of the Shrike]
  • Rhighaermon O'Antlers, possessor of Yornar's Trail Companion weds Dathae of Essembra. During their honeymoon journey, taking the Companion to the priest Klavaeron of Cedarspoke, Dathae is revealed to be a swanmay.

    Years later, after Rhighaermon had finally laid to rest, it is Dathae that took the Companion on its "Rightful Cycle". »

  • 1214 DR [Year of the Walking Wrath]
  • A flight of seven wyverns (thought to be under the spell-control of an evil mage who employed them in several thefts and raids at about this time, although his identity and fate are unknown) tear apart the Mielikkian temple of Highluthholt (which stood in the High Forest some days' travel east of Secomber). Yornar's Trail Companion (an artifact of Mielikki) is among the temple treasures taken in the raid. This is the first recorded break in the Rightful Cycle. »

  • 1231 DR [Year of the Bright Star]
  • The Talons of Timindar adventuring band find Yornar's Trail Companion among the ruins of Ilimar, an overgrown, fallen city overcome with nagas, lamia, and gigantic spiders.

    The Talons take the Companion to Kholtar, and there sell it to a mysterious dwarf who went about with two ravens perched, one on each shoulder, and seemed to be a servent or slave of the evil sisters Halatha and Murbreistra Starnar of Phelzol, renegade sorceresses of Halruaa. »

  • 1244 DR [Year of the Defiant Keep]
  • Andaren Robyth, a thief, sneaks into the Starnar sisters mansion and steals away a sack containing several magical items, including Yornar's Trail Companion. Unfortunately, Andaren's left arm was transformed into a scaled taloned arm, effectively ending his life in polite society and forcing him into a life as a sell-sword. »

  • 1246 DR [Year of Burning Steel]
  • Hoth of the Six Curses, a mage hired by a man that Andaren Robyth had not quite killed finds Andaren in his cave overlooking Phannaskull to kill him. Andaren buys his life by giving Hoth Yornar's Trail Companion (an artifact of Mielliki). Hoth takes the Companion and teleports the thief to Westgate, where he enjoys a short but colorful career.

    When Hoth discovers that the Companion contained nothing he could use, he disgustedly sells it in a bazaar in Morghyr. The man who bought it made the mistake of double-crossing a fellow merchant - who turned out to be part of a druuth (a small band of dopplegangers working for a mind flayer).

    The leader of the druuth tries to trade the Companion for a more useful magical item, but happened to choose the wrong man to try to trade with: the Elderly Rhighaermon O'Antlers, who uses every thing in his power to slay the illithid, seize the Companion, and take to to the nearest temple of Mielikki. He is successful, though sorely wounded and hotly pursued by dopplegangers. The priests of the temple were about to aid Rhighaermon when Mielikki herself appeared and took the Companion and slayed the pursuers. The next day, the Companion was found on the alter with a command from the goddess to continue the "Rightful Cycle". »

  • 1335 DR [Year of the Snow Winds]
  • The Rightful Cycle is once again broken when the treespeaker Elanalue Sharrith (a moon elf of the Border Forest) is enslaved by drow coming up out of the depths. It is unknown if the drow also took Yornar's Trail Companion or if Elanalue was able to hide it before being captured, although many believe that the Companion is somewhere in the Underdark. »

  • 1361 DR [Year of Maidens]
  • The Dwarves of Destiny of Saerloon goes into the Underdark seeking the lost treespeaker, Elanalue Sharrith and Yornar's Trail Companion (an artifact of Mielikki). »