• -6600 DR
  • Yuireshanyaar is founded by star elves and green elves in the Yuirwood. »

  • -1250 DR
  • Unther battles Yuireshanyaar for control of the southern Aglarondan coast. The star elves are driven back into the woods. Further Untheric expansion near the Great Rift brings this nation into conflict with the gold dwarves of the Deep Realms. »

  • The Orcgate Wars
  • -1076 DR to -1069 DR
    The Orcgate opens in the southern portion of the Plateau of Thay. Renegade Mulhorandi wizards employ Imaskari portal magic to open planar gates to an orc world. Hundreds of thousands of orcs inundate the northern territories of both Mulhorand and Unther. Mulhorand hires Nar, Raumathari, Rashemi, and Sossrim mercenaries to fight the orc invaders.

    Yuireshanyaar is pressed hard by the invading orcs.
    Rashemen is overrun by the invading orcs. »

  • Portal to Sildeyuir
  • -900 DR to -600 DR
    Star elves of Yuireshanyaar, forseeing disaster, begin construction of the extraplanar refuge of Sildeyuir. »

  • -699 DR [Year of Moon Blades Clashing]
  • The star elves abandon Yuireshanyaar for Sildeyuir. Many green elves choose to remain in the Yuirwood. »