• -3637 DR
  • The small village of Zenith is established and believed to be the northern-most town in all of Netheril. Situated on a narrow strip of land and surrounded by the Narrow Sea, it seemed a logical place to build a great port city.

    Unfortunately, trade was still in its infancy when Zenith was established. By the time trade became a major issue in Netheril, the city of Northreach had already been established and Harborage served as a stopping place for all east-west trade upon the sea. »

  • -2940 DR
  • A weather-controlling mythallar is established in Zenith. However, the brutal weather continued to be a problem for those who chose to remain in the fishing village. It did become a popular destination for Angardt and Rengarth tribes, but its importance to the Netherese diminished to the point that Zenith is all but forgotten. »

  • c. -1459 DR
  • A particularly long-lived lizardman shaman known as Gr'Zhad takes control of the lizardman of the Marsh of Simplicity. The shaman directs frequent forays against the village of Zenith, raiding for food and other Netheril supplies. Despite numerous expeditions by adventuring companies, explorers, and militia, Gr'Zhad evaded all attempts at removal.

    Many in Netheril believed that Gr'Zhad was actually Ioulaum, acting in a way that showed the groundling cities how much they needed the protection of the archwizards. Ioulaum denies such accusations, of course, and no one could ever prove otherwise. »