• 640 DR [Year of the Fanged Beast]
  • First mining and trading encampments at Zhentil Keep. »

  • 753 DR [Year of Strife]
  • In Flostren's Hold, Lord Zhentar is slain by a sorcerous agent of the Sembians. Lord Elephstron dies as an innocent bystander. Elephstron's son Jhoaz is named to the Council of Lords as Lord of the Keep. Flostren's Hold is renamed Zhentil Keep to honor the memory of Zhentar. »

  • 754 DR [Year of Midsummer's Dreams]
  • Zhentil Keep starts a program of expansion, erecting new walls and the first bridge across the Tesh River. »

  • 775 DR [Year of the Bloody Stone]
  • The new walls of Zhentil Keep are finished. »

  • 844 DR [Year of the Midnight Sun]
  • Stallac Benadi, after serving as High Imperceptor to Bane for over 40 years, reaches a level of power beyond anything Banites had previously achieved, and he is commanded by Bane to enter a self-imposed exile deep beneath the city of Zhentil Keep. There, he was commanded by Bane to create an empire of hatred and strife that would one day ascned to the surface of Faerun, elevating the worship of Bane beyond anything previously achieved. Stallac and a handful of trusted followers begin createing a vast underground empire beneath Zhentil Keep. »

  • 902 DR [Year of the Queen's Tears]
  • Zhentilar troops are attacked by Phlanite raiders, forcing Zhentil Keep to act in protection of its borders. »

  • 906 DR [Year of the Plough]
  • The Treaty of the Ride is concluded between Zhentil Keep, Phlan, and Melvaunt. »

  • 1004 DR [Year of the Oracle's Carcass]
  • Stallac Benadi, the High Imperceptor of Bane, (although he had extended his life through potions of longevity) was fearing death. He petitions Bane for aid and was transformed into a Banelich. So powerful was Stallac's new form that he could cast his divine spells without need of divine assisstance (in essence, he becomes a minor demipower). Thus, in his lair beneath Zhentil Keep, he quietly amassed power for the next three centuries.

    Over the next 3 centuries, numerous powerful wizards also achieved lichdom and sought lairs beneath Zhentil Keep. Several of them confronted Stallac and attempted to drive him from their city but they were destroyed by his might. In the end, the lich-mages were forced to content themselves with building domains around the underground empire of Stallac and his forces of Bane, for they had come to fear the wrath of the Banelich. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • The Cult of the Dragon is blamed for dragon assaults on Zhentil Keep, and the Zhents begin to first recognize this organization as an enemy. »

  • 1229 DR [Year of the Carrion Crow]
  • Manshoon of the Zhentarim is born to Harlshoon, the first lord of Zhentil Keep. »

  • c. 1240 DR
  • Agents of Tyranthraxus convince the bronze dragon Srossar to bathe in the Pool of Radiance saying that it will grant him greater wisdom and understanding. Instead, exposure to the Pool grants Tyranthraxus to posses his body.
    Tyranthraxus raises an army of orcs, hobgoblins and similar creatures and storms Phlan. A magical barrier formed by the Moonsea and the forces of Zhentil Keep prevents his expansion. »

  • 1258 DR [Year of the Wilted Flowers]
  • Calkontor, envious of Harlshoon's appointment as Lord of Zhentil Keep, poisons him, but Harlshoon is able to throw a chair at Calkontor, throwing him out of a window to his death. Harlshoon soon after dies of the poison. »

  • 1261 DR [Year of Bright Dreams]
  • Manshoon claims his seat on the Zhent council. He then founds the secret organization of the Zhentarim. »

  • 1263 DR [Year of the Tressym]
  • Fzoul Chembryl steps forward in Zhentil Keep to take up the reins of authority for the Dark Shrine of Bane. »

  • 1271 DR [Year of the Shattered Wall]
  • Mirtul 5 Warriors and mages of the Cult of the Dragon with the dracoliches Goarulskul the Black and Arlauthra Manytalons, attack the Holyheart Fastness in search of the Crysturm of Tranquility. A young treetender, Lorth Blaenarry, flees with the sacred sphere north and west.

    He reaches Turmish, where lurking Red Wizards of Thay recognize the sphere and try to grab him. They hunt him through the streets of Alaghon and Telpir and almost slay him in the woods near Starmantle Bay, but is able to escape with the help of a Harper sorcerer (who changes Lorth's appearance to look older and uglier). Lorth boards a ship bound for Zhentil Keep.

    In Zhentil Keep, Lorth is fortunate to be found by other Harper agents, who take him to the Border Kingdom. The Cult of the Dragon again catches up with him, but escapes when Zhentarim agents also attack. The Harper agents, in desperation, teleports Lorth alone into the heart of the Anauroch desert, to the holy site of Eldath, the House of the Moon.

    There the Green Goddess herself, Eldath, appears to Lorth, and whisks him to Neverwinter (but not before adding a new power to the sphere, and promising to add a new power whenever the sphere is brought back to the House of the Moon in need). Lorth devotes his life to serving Eldath and to bring the wilderness back to those places that has suffered under too many axes, ploughs and fires. »

  • 1275 DR [Year of the Blade]
  • Zhentil Keep grants independence to Yulash. Though officially a free city, it is still quite secure in the grip of the Zhents. »

  • 1276 DR [Year of the Crumbling Keep]
  • The powers at Zhentil Keep meet with representatives of the other Moonsea cities and suggest that a joint force man the Citadel of the Raven. The cities of Hillsfar, Phlan, Mulmaster, Voonlar, Melvaunt, Thentia, Sulasspryn, Yulash, and Zhentil Keep send forces to repair and occupy the citadel. Some of these cities use criminals, prisoners, and malcontents to make up their forces.

    In a plot to increase the number of Zhentish troops posted at the Citadel of the Raven, Zhentil Keep grants Yulash "independence" (but secretly still maintains control). The troops sent by Yulash are actually Zhentish troops. »

  • 1297 DR [Year of the Singing Skull]
  • The nobles of Yulash begin a bitter quarrel for the lordship of the city. Although Zhentil Keep still rules Yulash, the internal bickering is an unexpected threat to Zhentarim's security. Yulash's status as a free city prevents the Zhents from sending large numbers of troops.

    The Zhents back certain noble families, especially those that could be easily manipulated. Hillsfar does likewise in opposition to Zhentil Keep. »

  • 1306 DR [Year of Thunder]
  • Moonsea War: Hulburg and Sulasspryn are defeated by Mulmaster. Mulmaster is later vanquished by an alliance between Sembia, Phlan, Hillsfar, Melvaunt, and Zhentil Keep. »

  • 1316 DR [Year of the Gulagoar]
  • Teshendale becomes part of the Zhent lands. Zhentarim agents overthrow the Morn family in Daggerdale and install Malyk, a Zhentarim agent as ruler. »

  • 1334 DR [Year of the Blazing Brand]
  • Manshoon and Fzoul, with the help of their beholder allies, become the new lords of Zhentil Keep. »