• The Dark Maiden
  • Lady of the Dance
Lesser Deity
  • Beauty
  • Dance
  • Hunting
  • Moonlight
  • Song
  • Swordwork
  • Good Drow
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Eilistraee (eel-iss-TRAY-yee) is the deity of good drow goddess of song, sword work, hunting, the moon and beauty. She is greatly angered by the evil of most drow but glad that some work their way free of the Spider Queen’s web. Eilistraee appears as an unclad, glossy-skinned drow woman of great height with ankle-length, sweeping hair of glowing silver.

She is worshipped by song and dance, if at all possible, in the surface world under the moonlit night among the woods. She takes great pleasure in the learning of a new song and the doing of kindhearted deeds.


The church of Eilistraee is little known and poorly understood by inhabitants of the surface world. Her worshippers are good-aligned drow hopping to escape the Underdark’s evil, Lolth-worshipping matriarchal society, and regain a place in the surface world. Among her other worshippers are elves, half-elves, humans, gnomes, and shapeshifters.

The headquarters of the church of Eilistraee is at the Promenade near Skullport in Undermountain, led by the High Priestess Qilue, Veladorn, youngest of the Seven Sisters, and Chosen of both Eilistraee and Mystra.


The Dark Maiden, Eiliistraee

Eilistraee’s allies are the Seldarine, Mystra, Selune, and the good deities of the Underdark races. Her enemies are the evil deities of the Underdark, especially the rest of the drow pantheon. Eilistraee is known to be the daughter of Corellon Larethian and Araushnee, the name Lolth had before being banished. She is also sister to Vhaeraun. She was inadvertently also banished by her father along with Lolth, despite Corellon’s reluctance, for she foresaw that the dark elves would need a beacon of good within their reach.


Be always kind, except in battle with evil. Encourage happiness everywhere. Learn and teach new songs, dances, and the flowing dance of skilled swordwork. Promote harmony between the races. Befriend strangers, shelter those without homes, and feed the hungary. Repay rudeness with kindness. Repay violence with swift violence so that those who cause it are quickly dealt with. Aid grow in distress and give them the Lady’s message: “A rightful place awaits you in the Realms Above, in the Land of the Great Light. Come in peace and live beneath the sun again where tress and flowers grow.”