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Helm (HELM), is the god of guardians, protection and protectors. He is worshipped by guards and paladins both, long being seen as a cold and focused deity who impartially takes the role of defender and sometimes also enforcer. His activities in the Time of Troubles caused the folk of Faerun to look differently on the Watcher.


Helmites celebrate the festival known as the Ceremony of Honor to Helm on Shieldmeet; the faith is especially popular in Cormyr, the Dragon Coast, Tethyr, the Vilhon Reach, and the Western Heartlands.


Helmites are respected and revered for their dedication and purpose, and their pledge to come to the defense of those who call for it. They wear polished full suits of armor often with plumed helmets. Their hierarchy is strict and militaristic, with specific groups such as the order of paladins called the Vigilant Eyes of the Deity, and a single pontiff (head of the church), the Supreme Watcher (however, there has not been someone in that post since 992 DR).

When preparing for battle, a Patriarch of Helm might have used a ceremonial mace to cover troops in holy water, known as “Tears of Helm”.


  • Watchers over the Fallen

    The Watchers over the Fallen formed a small fellowship of battlefield healers who worshipped Helm. Only clerics in high favor are allowed to join.

  • Everwatch Knights

    The Everwatch Knights are a group of dedicated bodyguards whom Helmite temples hire out to others to generate revenue.

  • Vigilante Eyes of the Diety

    This is the order of paladins who worship Helm. All paladins could join this guild after squirehood.

  • He Who Watches Over Travelers

    This is a relatively obscure order of clerics who saw to the blessings of those about to partake on long journeys, such as traders and merchants.

Clerical Ranks

  • Bishops of Helm are known as Bishous
  • Priests of Helm are known as Pryats


The Watcher, Helm

A very old deity, Helm is the eternal sentry and is always seen wearing a full suit of armor that represented the weight of his heavy responsibility. Yet Helm always got the job at hand done without complaint. The people of the Realms widely admired these qualities in what they saw as a humble and reassuring god.


Far back in time, the deity Lathander caused a divine purge known as the Dawn Cataclysm in which Helm’s lover, a lesser deity of pragmatism called Murdane, was a victim. Helm begrudged the Morninglord this. However, Helm reserves his real opposition for deities whose plots threatened the people and stability of Fearun, especially Bane, Cyric, Mask, and Shar. He is also especially at odds with the uncontrolled violence and careless destruction of the deities Garagos, Malara, and Talos.