The holy symbol of Lathander
  • The Morninglord
Greater Deity
  • Athletics
  • Birth
  • Creativity
  • Dawn
  • Renewal
  • Self-perfection
  • Spring
  • Vitality
  • Youth

Lathander (lag-THAN-der) is the enthusiastic god of new beginnings. Whenever one embarks on a new journey, enters a contract, or starts a political or romantic relationship, chances are good that they whisper a prayer to Lathander. Though he is among the oldest of the Faerunian pantheon, the Morninglord nonetheless retains the optimism of youth that makes him the perfect symbol of beginnings. Ever willing to pass over the defeat of today to focus on the victories of tomorrow, Lathander preaches a doctrine of proactive good works and constant reevaluation of society’s traditions and mores. He also urges the destruction of undead, which he views as a vile corruption that mocks creation and true life. He has since the Spellplague revealed to be Amaunator transformed.He has since merged his power with that of Tyr and ressurected the dead god Amaunator.


Novices in the Lathanderian faith are called the Awakened while clerics are known as Dawnbringers. The full priests take a new name in his service when they are ready to signify that Lathander has personally recognized and accepted them. This new name can either be used instead of their old name or simply used only when addressing other Dawnbringers and when in solitary prayer. Other titles include (in ascending order): Dawngreeter, Dawnlord, High Dawnlord and Dawnmaster while an elite cleric is referred to as a Morninglord. All followers are required to be of neutral to good alignment.
All of Lathander’s clergy respect art, liberty, nature and culture, promote betterment of oneself and strive to bring hope to their followers and others. Many of these followers work in various creative arts. They are intolerant of evil, especially undead and inaction that causes evil to prosper. Most ceremonies of Lathander are held at dawn and actions and contracts agreed to at sunrise are said to be blessed by him. Funerals, among his followers, are held at dusk, and followed by a wake that lasts until dawn.

Some followers of Lathander insist that he is in fact the reincarnation of Amaunator, the Netherese god of the sun. Others take this heresy further, claiming that he will take up the mantle of the lawful neutral Amaunator again, and that the transformation from deity of the morning to sun god is imminent.


  • Order of the Aster
    • A small restricted order of paladins and fighters sponsored by the church of Lathander
  • Order of the Sun Soul
    • A monastic brotherhood with links to Sune and Selune as well

Lathander, the Morninglord


Lathander and Chauntea had been romantically connected for centuries, and saw each other as kindred spirits. His allies included Gond, Tymora, Tyr, Torm, Ilmater, Sune, Selune, Oghma, Kelemvor, and Mielikki. His foes are Cyric, Talos, and Shar. Helm held a great deal of resentment for Lathander, as the latter indirectly caused the death of Helm’s lover, Murdane.


Lathander was the central figure in the Dawn Cataclysm, an ill-fated attempt by the Morninglord to reshape the Faerunian pantheon in his own image. Several deities were killed in the events that followed, including the goddess Murdane, a death for which Helm never forgave Lathander. The Morninglord believed that his efforts went so wrong because of the interference of agents of Shar, and secretly began working on a second attempt at reforming the pantheon.

At some point between the Time of Troubles and the end of the Spellplague, Lathander disappeared and was replaced by the resurrected Amaunator, presumably confirming the truth of the theory that the two were one and the same. Moreover, the formerly-lawful neutral Amaunator had apparently inherited the goodness of Lathander, as he was now lawful good.After suffering grave wounds pursuing Cyric after his murder of Mystra, Lathander merged with Tyr in an attempt to save the dying god. His efforts resurrected the dead god Amaunator, the the three gods become one, the newly risen Amaunator.


Strive always to aid, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all humankind and its allies. Perfect thyself, and guard ever against pride, for it is a sacred duty to foster new growth, nurture growing things, and work for rebirth and renewal. Be fertile in mind and in body. Consider always the consequences of thine actions so that the least effort may bring the greatest and best reward. Wherever you go, sow seeds of plants, tend the growing things you find, and plant seeds of hope, new ideas, and plans for a rosy future in the minds of all. Whenever possible, see each dawn.