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Selune (she-LOON-ay), also known as Our Lady of Silver and the Moonmaiden, is the goddess of the moon. She is also venerated as a goddess of light, stars, navigation, navigators, wanderers, questers, and goodly lycanthropes.


Selune’s clerics are a very diverse group, including sailors, non-evil lycanthropes, mystics, and female spell casters. Her church’s main objective is to fight evil lycanthropes and summon the Shards, blue-haired female plantar servants of Selune, to battle the minions of her arch nemesis and twin, Shar. The temple also performs fortune-telling, healing, and practice self-reliance and humility.


  • Swords of the Lady

    This group is often referred to as the “Lunatics“. Its members are led by a few Selunite crusaders who tend to act rapidly in response to threats from Shar and her priesthood, although their behavior is often viewed as bizarre by the public at large.

  • Oracles of the Moon

    The Oracles of the Moon are a group of female diviners who worship the Night White Lady. They perform fortune-telling rituals and are some of the highest bards and priests in the faith

  • Silverstars

    Operating mainly in the North, especially near Icewind Dale, these priests are dedicated to protecting the vulnerable. Gifted Silverblades are normally given a Moonblade, which has special properties to harm evil.

The Moonmaiden

The Moonmaiden


Selune was created from the primordial essence of the universe, along with her twin sister, Shar. Together, they created Chauntea (the embodiment of the world of Toril) and some other heavenly bodies and infused these areas with life. The two goddesses then fought over the fate of their creations. From these struggles emerged the original deities of magic, war, disease, murder, death, and others. Selune reached out of the universe and from a plane of fire, brought forth a flame and ignited a heavenly body in order to give warmth in the universe. Desperate and weakened because of Shar’s actions, Selune hurled some of her divine essence at her sister. Selune’s essence tore through Shar, bringing some of Shar’s essence with it. This magical energy combined to form the goddess Mystryl, the original goddess of magic.


The Zakharan deity Selan is a moon goddess that shares a similar name and outlook with Selune, but has a somewhat different area of interest, namely beauty. Thus the connection between the two remains a mystery.

When Cyric assassinates Mystra, Selune aids the 3 lesser deities of magic to stabilize the Weave. With the loss of power of Sune, Selune again wanes and becomes the head of the group that Sune once lead (including Sune herself).

It has been revealed that the elven goddess, Sehanine Moonbow is an aspect of Selune.