The holy symbol of Silvanus
  • Oak Father
  • The Forest Father
  • Treefather
Greater Deity
  • Mielikki
  • Talos
  • Auril
  • Eldath
  • Umberlee
  • Malar
  • Nature

Silvanus (sihl-VANN-us) is the god of nature. Silvanus is one of the oldest and most prominent deities in Faerun, and the wilder counterpart to Chauntea. His worshipers protect places of nature from the encroachment of civilization with vigor and are implacable foes of industrious people.


The Church of Silvanus is a pervasive influence, especially across the continent of Faerûn. Non-worshipers often do not view the Church favorably due to its tendency to disrupt expansion into woodland, sometimes with violence. Examples of rituals for worship are entreaties for spells at sundown or in moonlight. The Dryad Dance is a replenishing ritual of wild, wayward dance that calls out dryads to join the ritualists for mating. Most Silvanite clerics, sometimes referred to as Forest Masters, also function as druids or rangers.


Whilst having no superiors, Silvanus has been a long-time ally of Chauntea, despite their clergies’ differences. He is also allied with Lathander. Silvanus is served directly by Eldath and Mielikki, whom some call his daughters, and indirectly by Gwaeron Windstrom, Lurue and Shiallia.

Silvanus resents the destructive nature of the storm lord, Talos, and the Lady of Poison, Talona, whom encourages disease beyond what is natural and reserves his greatest hatred for the Beastlord Malar and its followers, working against his insatiable bloodlust at every opportunity. Silvanus despises life-threatening impulses in anything.Silvanus is not found of the destructive nature of Talos, but accepts him as he represents a very real aspect of nature, along with Auril and Umberlee. He would even accept Talona, for disease is a natural part of nature, but Silvanus dislikes her cruelty. He reserves his true hatred for Malar, who despoils nature, and perverts it by promoting the spread of lycanthropy.


SIlvanus, the Oak Father


Silvanus sees and balances all, meting out wild water and drought, fire, and ice, life and death. Hold your distance and take in the total situation, rather than latching on to the popular idea of what is best. All is in cycle, deftly and beautifully balanced. It is the duty of the devout to see this cycle and the sacred Balance as clearly as possible. Make others see the Balance and work against those that would disturb it. Watch, anticipate, and quietly manipulate. Resort to violence and open confrontation only when pressured by time or hostile action. Fight against the felling of forests, banish disease wherever you find it, defend the trees, and plant new flora wherever possible. Seek out, serve, and befriend the dryads and learn their names. Kill only when needful, destroy fire and its employers, and beware orcs and others who bring axes into the forest.