• 1237 DR [Year of the Grotto]
  • Thara Olosynne of Aglarond marries Elthar of Milvarune, thus forming an alliance between Aglarond and Thesk. »

  • 1245 DR [Year of Pain]
  • Spell-Prince Elthar, heir to the throne of Milvarn and husband to Queen Ulae Olosynne of Aglarond, is slain by unknown assassins. »

  • 1246 DR [Year of Burning Steel]
  • The Simbul becomes the "apprentice" to Ilione of Aglarond (although the Simbul is already greater at the art then her "master"). »

  • 1257 DR [Year of the Killing Wave]
  • The Gray Sisters pass away within a few days of each other. Halacar Olosynne, the son Ulae, becomes the king of Aglarond. »

  • 1260 DR [Year of the Broken Blade]
  • Battle of Lapendrar
    Halacar Olosynne of Aglarond launches an invasion of Thay, advancing along the Lapendrar. The Red Wizards destroy his army. »

  • 1261 DR [Year of Bright Dreams]
  • Ilione Olosynne becomes the third Mage-Queen (after Thara and Ulae) of Aglarond when her brother Halacar is assassinated (by poisoning) by agents of Thay. »

  • 1295 DR [Year of the Ormserpent]
  • Prince Thaum (who is the son of Kuskur Heltharn, regent of Impiltur and Elthinda Balindre, daughter of Telflamm's merchant king) gathers a mercenary army (using coins from Telflamm's treasury he took from the doddering merchant-king) and sacks the city of Sarshel. He then marches on the Tower of Filur and seizes the throne of Impiltur.

    Regent Kuskur and the young King Rilimbrar flee into exile. Kuskur requests aid from Queen Ilione of Aglarond, who sends her mysterious apprentice, known only as the Simbul, to dispatch Thaum. With Thaum dead, his son Imphras (later Imphras IV) attempts to hold the throne.

    Imphras IV is now or at some point comes under the influence of the Queen of Whispers, the succubus Soneillon. »

  • 1296 DR [Year of the Black Hound]
  • King Rilimbrar Heltharn is restored to the throne of Impiltur. Kuskur never returns to Impiltur (shamed from his son's attempt to take the throne, and also shamed in Telflamm since his son also stole from the treasury), choosing instead to live out his remaining years in self-imposed exile in Velprintalar (of Aglarond). His grandson Imphras IV is placed under house arrest in the royal Tower of Filur. »

  • 1298 DR [Year of the Pointed Bone]
  • Death of Kuskur Heltharn, former regent of Impiltur in Aglarond. »

  • 1320 DR [Year of the Watching Cold]
  • Ilione Olosynne, the last member of Aglarond's royal line, dies of plague. She leaves no child but names her apprentice, the Simbul as her heir. »

  • 1360 DR [Year of the Turret]
  • The ancient fang dragon Nartheling moves into the peak of Umbergoth in Aglarond. »

  • 1365 DR [Year of the Sword]
  • A Thayan army marches on Emmech. Aglarondan griffonriders spot a second Thayan force moving toward the Shyvar Pass. Forces from Glarondar meet the southern Thayan army and force it back, then come around through the Tannath Gap and take the Thayans at Emmech from behind.

    The Aglarondans are aided by the former Magister Alvaerele Tasundrym. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Marpenoth The Simbul disappears from Aglarond for three months during the spring (presumably looking for Rooltasz Tesurpar). Councilors begin to jockey for position, many hoping to be named the new ruler by acclamation. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Hammer The Simbul finally returns from her sudden disappearence for the past 3 months, finding her councilors vying for rule of Aglarond. She makes clear arrangements to notify the council in the event of her death. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Hammer Thay launches its latest invasion attempt against Aglarond in the winter. Szass Tam creates a vast army of undead to cross the frozen Umber Marshes. The animated corpses crash like waves against the Watchwall but fail to overcome the fortification. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The former Magister, Alvaerele Tasundrym defeats 12 Red Wizards who were attacking Velprintalar, who were attempting to draw out the Simbul (who was again away).

    Although the Red Wizards withdraw from the Umber Marshes, the battle is not over. As autumn falls, undead creatures trapped in the swamp claw their way out of the thickening muck. Without the leadership of the Thayans, they wander about aimlessly to this day, hurling themselves upon the Watchwall. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • The zulkirs of Thay, tired of incessant battles with Aglarond, offer peace. The Simbul accepts with reservations. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Ches 24 Khalia, a Thayan emissary, approaches Mulsantir (in Aglarond) under the flag of peace and asks permission to create an enclave. She is refused but allowed to leave safely.

    Through out the year, there is brisk trade between the two countries. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Nartheling (an ancient fang dragon who resides in the Umbergoth mountains) goes on a rampage, attacking beholders on sight. Lestch'cymatium (a beholder mage) calls for the aid of numerous beholders and a full-scale war nearly erupts. The skirmishing spills over into Thay and Aglarond, alarming the people of both nations. Both assemble groups to protect their borders and to prevent the conflict from coming too far into the countries. In the wake of the Rage of Dragons, the dragon abruptly ceased hostilities. As a result, Lestch'cymatium still nominally serves Nartheling, but the alliance between the dragon and the eye tyrant is badly frayed. »

  • 1376 DR [Year of the Bent Blade]
  • Strange creatures called nilshai are encountered en masse in the Yuirwood of Aglarond, usually near the old elf memhirs. Reports of the creatures' depredations are of such shocking bloodlines that the Simbul enacts a bounty on nilshai hides. »

  • 1380 DR [Year of the Blazing Hand]
  • The High Mage Araevin Teshurr completes the restoration of Myth Drannor's mythal and, after visits to Waterdeep, Aglarond, and Sildeyuir, sets out for the hidden realm of Auseriel. There he meets and befriends Prince Lamruil. The two elves leave Auseriel in the care of Lamruil's seneschal and depart in search of the missing Princess Maura, set on the trail by the mysterious prophecy revealed by Araevin's magic »