• -1504 DR
  • -1504 DR to -1069 DR
    Easter provinces of Jhaamdath fall under the sway of Unther. »

  • -990 DR
  • Intermittent plagues over the next century ravage the populations of Schamedar and Calimport. The first plague, which strikes this year, kills nearly half of Calimport's slaves and forces the syl-pasha and his family to remain trapped in their palace for nearly two years until the disease subsides. The warlords and sorcerers of Jhaamdath's Twelve Cities of the Sword are suspected of creating the plagues, but nothing is ever proven. »

  • -374 DR [Year of Shattering]
  • With Calimport all but abandoned due to the Empire Plague (which Calimshan blames on Jhaamdath), priests of Talona attempt to conquer the city and plunder its riches to build a temple to their goddess of poisons. Many of those who remain in Calimport are rogues, escaped slaves, and necromancers. For a time, the capital becomes known as the Rogues' City. »

  • -276 DR [Year of Overflowing Casks]
  • A bloody coup in Jhaamdath replaces the psiocracy of bladelords with a militant emperor, who commands the building of a great navy on the Inner Sea. »

  • Jhaamdathan loggers come into conflict with the elves of the Chondalwood. Over the next twenty years, Jhaamdath forces hunt down and slaughter the elves. »

  • Hundreds of dissenters among the church of Auppenser are imprisoned in Jhaamdath. Some are publicly executed for treason, but most are released after being altered with mind-affecting psionics that instill loyalty to Emperor Dharien. Church protest over the new regime declines, and many members go into hiding. »

  • -273 DR [Year of the Dancing Faun]
  • The Jhaamdathan emperor, Dharien, orders the military to seize those udoxias still in possession of the church of Auppenser. Hundreds of citizens loyal to the church bar the military from entering the temple. After a short standoff the emperor concedes, ordering his troops to stand down. »

  • -264 DR [Year of Scriveners]
  • The city of Gharrent, led by church members, attempts to secede from the empire of Jhaamdath. It is denounced by the emperor, who immediately invades the city to crush the rebellion. All suspected rebels are tried for treason and executed publicly. Gharrent's udoxias is removed by the emperor and hidden. »

  • The Sixth Seros War
  • -255 DR to -215 DR
    The fall of Jhaamdath sees the destruction of the undersea city of Coryselmal and the end of the Aryselmalyr Empire. All the powers once subject to the sea elves vie for control of Seros and the Sixth Seros War erupts. »

  • -255 DR [Year of Furious Waves]
  • Fall of Jhaamdath
    The Twelve Cities of the Sword are destroyed by a gargantuan tsunami raised by the elven High Mages of Nikerymath. This event reshaped the coastline into the contours of the Vilhon Reach known in the present day.
    Some survivors settle in Altumbel. »

  • c. -250 DR
  • Calimshan, under Syl-Pasha Faud yn Orun el Evyrtaan, reclaims some small areas and towns among the Arnaden lands of the Lake of Steam, now that Jhaamdath's control on these lands has fallen along with its primary cities. »

  • Procession of Justice
  • -247 DR to -238 DR
    Tyr, god of war and justice, bursts forth from a portal near modern-day Alaghon in Turmish, then leads a force of two hundred archons across the Vilhon Reach in an effort to pacify the remnants of ancient Jhaamdath, which had fallen into lawlessness. Tyr's host slays Valigan Thirdborn, a lesser deity of anarchy. »

  • -153 DR [Year of the Starry Shroud]
  • Human survivors of Jhaamdath's fall migrate north across the Sea of Fallen Stars to settle the lands along the southern slopes of the Earthfast Mountains. The first of these settlements is founded and named Proeskampalar (present-day Procampur). »

  • Proeskampalar (later renamed Procampur) is founded by dwarves from Earthfast and quickly become an important trading partner of Westgate due to an influx of refugees from fallen Jhaamdath. »

  • -135 DR [Year of Old Beginnings]
  • Impil Mirandor, a refugee from the former lands of Jhaamdath, establishes a settlement known as Impil's Tor atop an abandoned dwarf delve at the site of present-day Lyrabar. »

  • Humans settle the Wizards' Reach
  • -100 DR to 250 DR
    Jhaamdathan settlements dot Altumbel's islands, and Chessentans colonize a broad stretch of coastline from Delthuntle to Laothkund. »

  • -72 DR [Year of Enchanted Hearts]
  • Refugees from Jhaamdath (present dayt Chondath) found the city of Chessagol (present day Tsurlagol) in south-western section of the Vast. »

  • 20 DR [Year of the Fallen Fury]
  • Iljak, the first major trade city of the Vilhon Reach, is founded. This marked the end of the large-scale Jhaamdath exodus and the beginning of efforts to build a human realm along the shores of the Vilhon Reach. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Mirtul 12 With the aid of sea elves and the alaghi druid Arbeenok, Vambran Matrell recovers the Emerald Scepter from the sunken ruins of the Jhaamdath capital of Naarkolyth. »

  • 1386 DR [Year of the Halfling's Lament]
  • A portion of Toril's sibling world Abeir violently exchanges places with large section of Chondath and western Chessenta. Displaced genasi from the Abeiran land of Shyr quickly set about creating a kingdom of their own.

    The former expanse of the Sea of Fallen Stars is altered when wide portions of the landscape collapse into the Underdark. When the sea level reaches its new equilibrium, the average drop in water level measured nearly 50 feet. The waters of the Vilhon Reach were similarly drained, uncovering several drowned ruins from ancient Jhaamdath.

    The shallow Gulph of Luiren is formed when the hin nation is swallowed up by the Great Sea. »