• 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Eleasis 4 Vhaemas the Bastard and the merfolk of Thuridru ally with Iakhovas and the Sea Hulks koalinth tribe to help decimate the southern Xedran Reefs, which are starting to react to the presence of the sahuagin. »

  • Eleasis 9 Sahuagin begin resisting Iakhovas' rule until Iakhovas personally slays the Great Whale Bard of Seros to prove his worth as their king. »

  • Eleasis 19 Iakhovas sends most sahuagin forces off to all corners of Seros to raid undersea and surface areas. »

  • Eleint 2 Surprise sahuagin attacks on the Ola, Aya, and Yea clan hatcheries of Es'rath cause the deaths of over 1,000 unhatched shalarin. Over 200 shalarin and sahuagin perish »

  • Marpenoth 9 Iakhovas uses magic to summon some monstrous elder form of kelpie all around the Whamite Isles, drawing its entier population into the sea to drown and rise as sea zombies. Iakhovas' army of drowned ones (as sea zombies are referred to), lacedons, koalinth, and merfolk traitors marches on Voalidru and the Lower Hmur Plateau.
    This even lasts until Marpenoth 13, 1369 DR. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Nightal 9 Once believed to be a relatively shallow trench whose bottom was only 1,600 feet from the surface, the Python Trench rumbles with aftershocks from the destruction of the Sharksbane Wall, and its bottom now abruptly falls away. Waters seemingly filled with sunlight appears to be beneath, but this displaces many sahuagin from colonies within the Trench, as they cannot stand the light. The agitated sea devils attack all non-sahuagin they see, preventing investigation of "the Light Below". »