• 1152 DR [Year of the Portentous Wave]
  • Brother Quitherus Ardabad, priest of Lathander and possessor of the Tome of the Morning dies to the rigors of travel and battle in Velen. During his travels with the Rose-Red Shield company, he uses the Tome to good use, saving the lives of various members many times. He even attracts four fellow priests of Lathander to join the Shields. At his death, the four priests engage in a bitter struggle for supremacy. One of the priests dies, a second is cast out. The two remaining priests, Lithconter and Voraux, come to a truce, and jointly wields the Tome with the Shields up and down the Sword Coast. »

  • 1203 DR [Year of the Gold Sash]
  • Impaladus Nolorn is lured through a gate to another plane by his befriended rival who promised to marry him. The two eventually kill each other, leaving Impaladus on the streets of Waterdeep for any passerby to take the Scepter of Mystra. Someone soon does, and is soon killed by another. A mage then slays him, and claims the Scepter. Unfortunately, the first ability he triggers is the fly away spell. The Scepter travels up and down the Sword Coast for the next century, appearing in Triboar, Mirabar, and Sundabar. »

  • 1206 DR [Year of the Sarune]
  • A great wave sweeps through the Church of the Deeps at Tharsult, which kills and carries away the body of Jorist Archneie, the head priest of Umberlee. The priesthood of Umberlee is wrecked with armed strife between Jorist's many sons and grandsons. In all the fighting, a lesser priest of the faith steels the Orglara, carrying it north along the Sword Coast and into hiding. »

  • 1237 DR [Year of the Grotto]
  • The first mention of the Host Tower of the Arcane in Luskan is in an oral tradition called the Mirar Saga, which narrates the arrival of the first Northlander pirates to settle in the Sword Coast region. These tales are first collected and recorded by Malcer Truequill, a loremaster of Waterdeep.

    According to this chronicle, a band of Northlander explorers arrives at the mouth of the Mirar just ahead of a fearsome storm, seeking shelter along the riverbank. Instead they found what appeared to be a gigantic tree made entirely of stone, its bare "branches" rising hundreds of feet into the air above an island in the midst of the river's current. The eldritch sight struck fear into the hearts of the raiders, but the storm was closing in fast and they had no better shelter available. With heavy hearts and weapons in hands, the Northlanders entered the "stone tree" to escape the murderous winds and freezing sleet. The saga does not tell what fate overcame the half of the raiding party that failed to emerge from the tower, only that the survivors fled that terrible place even as the storm was at its height, preferring to take their chances with the raging elements rather than face whatever lurked within that grim stone spire. »

  • 1314 DR [Year of the Shadowtop]
  • For the past century, the Oglara is used as a serving platter in feast halls of various petty lordlings and wealthy city nobles from Neverwinter and Yallasch. In the fall of this year, the staff in the kitchens of Lord Anthanlas of Murann was preparing a grand feast. While washing out a net full of sea-turtles, an astonished undercook awoke the spell display of the Oglara, and the mage of the house is summoned, who divines that it is a holy item of Unberlee. He then dupes his employer, crafting a duplicate shell. The mage flees with the Shell and tries to sell it to an Umberlant cleric in Memnon.

    Unfortunately, he asks too much and is lured into a trap. The new owner, Samsryn Dhugar, a cunning but lowly Wavewatcher of the Coral Crown Church of Umberlee. He slowly rises to the rank of Storm Prelate, a roving holy inquisitor responsible for discipline within the faith and reprisals against its foes up and down the Sword Coast, Samsryn becomes deeply feared and hated in Umberlant ranks. »

  • 1350 DR [Year of the Morningstar]
  • The cambion Asbeel finds the boy chosen to be the wielder of the Stone of Tymora in the care of the druidess Elbeth in the High Forest. Not wanted to confront the druidess in her grove, Asbeel sets fire to the surrounding forest. Elbeth hides the boy she named Lucky Child and instructs him to follow the road at dawn.

    He is awaken by Perrault, and renames the child Maimun (the Bedine word for 'twice lucky'). They begin to travel along the Sword Coast. »

  • 1351 DR [Year of the Crown]
  • Warlock's Crypt, the home of the terrible lich Larloch, is discovered on the Sword Coast by explorers, and the few survivors bring plague to the city of Baldur's Gate. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Waterdeep negotiates a truce between Ruathym and Luskan, but it backfires when Luskan, Ruathym, Tuern, and the Whalebones forge an alliance to raid settlements along the Sword Coast. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Roar of Shadows: Malar attempts to enter the confines of the Guthmere Forest to destroy the druids residing there but is battled by Nobanion and the druids of the Emerald Enclave. He is driven northwest towards the Sword Coast. »

  • 1365 DR [Year of the Sword]
  • In Maztica, with the aid of some rangers and more wizards than the Amnians' usual wont, the Waterdhavian contingent forges north and establishes a second colony called Trythosford, named after the expedition's paladin leader. It lies at the mouth of a river due west of the offshore Zilhatec Island. Both new settlements are protected by log palisades and defensive ditches that enclose most of each settlement's buildings. By year's end, eight of twelve ships head for Waterdeep, laden with new trade for the northern Sword Coast; three ships sink during the return voyage. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • The Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) is seen at an inn in Iriaebor, when a traveling hiresword brings it out to back up a boastful tale of adventure. His bedchambers are attacked in search of the Leaves. The hiresword departs (possibly for Waterdeep or somewhere in the norther Sword Coast). »

  • 1378 DR [Year of the Cauldron]
  • A crazed cultist of the bound efreeti Memnon in Calimshan attempts to instigate a holy war in Memnon's name. After some success in assembling the beginnings of a great fleet in Calimport to "scour" the Sword Coast to the far north, the cultist Roshanak has a dream so startling he abandons his effort. Roshanak disappears to a fate unknown. »

  • 1384 DR [Year of Three Streams Blooded]
  • Gedrin Thalavar (sometimes called Shadowbane), a young rogue living in Westgate, has a vision in which Helm is slain by Tyr and Helm's godhood merged with Tyr, restoring his sight. When Gedrin awoke from his vision, he held Helm's sword, Vindicator. Later, Gedrin has a second vision in which Tyr is slain by the demon lord Orcus and Tyr's godhood merges with Torm. After these visions, Gedrin becomes a religious zealot and formulates the Heresy of the Threefold God and forms the Eye of Justice, and begins recruiting crusaders from among the Night Masks. The church is instrumental in driving out the Night Masks from Westgate.

    Later, the church becomes corrupted and Gedrin leaves Westgate in disgust. He travels to the Sword Coast where sometime in the 1460's DR, he meets a child rogue named Kalen Dren begging on the streets of Luskan. He gives Vindicator to Kelan and recruits him into the church. Kalen would become the church's primary crusader. »

  • 1477 DR [Year of the Purloined Statue]
  • The young Cormyran noble Aubrin Crownsilver flees a Tormite monastery for the Sword Coast.
    Constancia is charged with dereliction of duty by the Tormites.
    Constancia follows Aubrin to the Sword Coast, but the Tormites place a bounty on her. »

  • 1478 DR [Year of the Dark Circle]
  • Mehen, Farideh, and Havilar are in the Sword Coast pursuing the bounty on Constancia Crownsilver. They change upon a caravan attacked by orcs and help drive them off. They befriend Aubrin Crownsilver, who was on the run from Constancia. In the hopes that Constancia might show up looking for Aubrin, the trio accompany Aubrin to Neverwinter. »

  • 1487 DR [Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant]
  • Abeir begins to re-separate from Toril in the spring, heralding volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The process is completed by the fall.

    Evermeet, Lantan, and Nimbral (all nations thought lost to the Spellplague) send ships to the mainland, along the Sword Coast and the coast of the Shining South (region).

    Halruaan Skyship are spotted throughout South Faerun. »

  • 1491 DR [Year of the Scarlet Witch]
  • The returned Eilistraee is seen dancing with, and speaking to, mortals up and down the Sword Coast. In particular, she appears under the walls of Waterdeep, leading many of her followers there. »