1373 DR

Using a magical globe stolen from the study of the late Lord Thamalon Uskevren, the Cyricist shadow adept Vraggen locates the time and location of the Fane of Shadows will next appear on Toril.

Agents of Vraggen kill Sephris Dwendon, Chosen of Oghma, to stop him from helping Erevis Cale, Jak Fleet, and Drasek Riven from using the recovered globe to uncover the location of the Fane of Shadows. Undeterred, Erevis speaks with the man’s spirit, who tells them the Fane will appear in the Moonmere in Gulthmere Forest.

They are too late to stop Vraggen, the Cyricist nearly succeeds in using the alter within the temple to transform into a shade, but is killed by the salad Azriim, who he thought was a half-drow ally. Stealing a sapling Weave Tap from the temple, Azriim and his allies escape. Erevis is nearly slain trying to save Jak, but saves himself by using the alter to turn himself into a shade.

Having survived the disappearance of the Fane of Shadows by being transported to the Plane of Shadow, Erevis and his companions eventually return to Toril only to discover that Vhostym’s slaadi are planning to use a seed from the Weave Tap to siphon power from the mantle protecting Skullport. They arrive too late and Skullport is nearly destroyed.

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