1371 DR

The Trial of Cyric the Mad
Cyric became despondent, neglecting his godly duties. He is also driven mad by the powers of his own Cyrinishad, completely believing everything contained within, unable to distinguish lies from truth. Several of the greater gods, led by Tyr, place Cyric on trial, charge with Innocence by reason of Insanity (failing in his divine duty to spread strife and discord). Around this time, the Cyrinishad is stolen. Upon hearing this, one of Cyric’s most devout followers, Malik el Sami yn Nasser begins searching for the tome, in order to return it to his god. For this service, Cyric bestows upon Malik the status of “Seraph of Lies.”

Malik becomes the target of a truth spell cast by the goddess Mystra. As such, Malik is completely unable to tell a lie. Using this curse as a tool, Mystra calls upon Malik to read The True Life of Cyric as written by several good gods and set to paper by Oghma. Naturally, Malik had no desire to do such a thing, so decided to tell the tale of Cyric as all worshippers had heard it since childhood. Unfortunately, this also counted as lies, and Malik was forced to read the book as printed. Upon completing the text, Cyric became calm, and his sanity was once again restored. The tribunal of greater deities finds the “Black Sun” guilty of his crimes, but allows him to keep his divine status.

Malik el Sami yn Nasser, “Seraph of Lies”, continues to travel the world, spreading the influence of Cyric, within the confines of his curse.

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