1384 DR

Siamorphe quarrels with Tyr when the deities take different sides in a clash between Tethyrian and Calimshite forces. She removes herself from the House of the Triad and joins Sune’s court in Brightwater. Tyr sends Helm to plead his case with Sune. The goddess of love suggests a marriage between Tyr and Tymora to set the celestial planes in balance again. Helm conveys Sune’s suggestion to Tyr, and begins to chaperone a chaste courtship between Tyr and Tymora. Strange and fateful misunderstanding lead to the accusation that Helm has stolen Tymora’s heart while conveying the gifts and sentiments of Tyr. A strict interpretation of his own ideals forces Tyr to challenge Helm, and Helm is obliged by his own ideals to meet the challenge. The two gods do battle, and Tyr slays Helm before the deities come to their senses. Heartbroken, Tymora accompanies Tyr back to the House of the Triad. Though nothing can be proved, the gods sense the hand of Cyric in Helm’s death.

With the Triad broken because of Helm’s death, Ilmater chooses to remove his domain from the House of the Triad. He reestablishes his celestial realm in Brightwater at Sune’s invitation.

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