1385 DR

Necrotic energy leftover from the destroyed remains of Crenshinibon, the blind red dragon Hephaestus, and the nearby corpse of the illithid Yharaskrik fuses together and becomes the draco-lich known as the Ghost King.

Catti-brie is struck by Blue Fire caused by the Spellplague during her meditations. Drizzt takes her to Mithral Hall where eventually Bruenor and Drizzt take her to Cadderly with the help of Jarlaxle through a disguised Athrogate. Drizzt, Bruenor, Jarlaxle and Athrogate team up and help her get to the Spirit Soaring.

Once they arrive, they faced the threat of the Ghost King. Cadderly sacrifices himself in defeating the Ghost King, and was never able to help Catti-brie. She dies days later in Mithral Hall.

Mielikki takes her away to a private heaven that had been prepared for her, along with Regis, who suffered the same fate from trying to save her with his charmed gem. They were destined to spend the rest of eternity dancing, completely happy…but alone.

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