1385 DR

The Spellplague
An unthinkable catastrophe ensues when Cyric, aided and abetted by Shar, murders Mystra in Dweomerheart. The plane itself disintegrates at once, destroying Savras and sending Azuth and Velsharoon reeling into the endless Astral Sea. Azuth ends up in the Nine Hells, where Asmodeus steals his divine essence and becomes a god himself. Without Mystra to govern the Weave, magic bursts its bonds all across Toril and the surrounding planes and runs wild. In Faerun, this even is known as the Spellplague. Thousands of mages are driven insane or destroyed, and the vey substance of the world becomes mutable beneath veils of azure fire that dance across the skies by night or by day.

With the structure of magic out of balance, even with great effort many spells failed or produced unreliable results. Most permanent magical items, such as artifacts, were left intact at the end of the Spellplague and charged magical items were either destroyed, warped, or simply ceased to function. Items with dormant magical qualities, which were manually activated, were largely unaffected by the Spellplague.

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