1480 DR

Several human assassins, led by a Cyricist priestess and bolstered by a number of barbazu, attack Lasparhall in Thentia in an attempt to assassinate the rightful ruling family of Hulburg, the Hulmasters. Harmach Grigor Hulmaster is slain, but the rest of the family survives. Shortly before Grigor’s funeral, Geran Hulmaster is named Lord Hulmaster.

In retaliation for the attack against his family, Geran Hulmaster travels in secret to Hulburg and secures the aid of Sarth Khul Riizar. Together, the two enter the Temple of the Wronged Prince and defeat Valdarsel, the priest who ordered the Hulmasters’ assassinations.

After freeing the town from the tyranny of Rhovann Disarnnyl and his allies, Geran steps down as Lord Hulmaster. Young Nateli Hulmaster, Geran’s cousin is named the new Harmach, with Kara Hulmaster acting as regent until Natali comes of age.

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