1487 DR

Enlil allows Asmodeus to use the divine spark of Nanna-Sin in exchange for the Archdevil to bring back the dead god to life as an immortal being.

The Chosen of the gods Asmodeus and Azuth conduct a ritual on the city of Djerad Thymar in order to make both gods separate entities again.

To maintain her position in the Nine Hells, Glasya sends the Malbolgean forces, led by a pit fiend named Khartach, to help the Thymari against the demons, helping the Chosen to accomplish their goal. As Asmodeus becomes an individual god by absorbing the divine spark of Nanna-Sin, he resurrects the former Untherite god as an immortal being. Grateful to the dragonborn for having taken care of him after the Spellplague, Nanna-Sin takes the form a giant dragon turtle and goes to protect Djerad Kethendi. He destroys the Untherite navy, allowing the Thymari forces to lift the siege of the port city.

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